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Added: Oct 13, 2017
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Me and my Supernatural Girlfriend - Season 1 - Episode 35
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Source: coolval22
The next time I opened my eyes, I saw nifemi, oluzo, and tpumpy turning water on me like a burning building..all my wears were sunken as if I was drowning in a ocean.. I quickly jump up and they stop splashing water on me..

Nifemi : promise! Can you hear me now?

Oluzo : harno! How your body now? (he anxiously asked)

Tpumpy : how you de feel now (he add to it)

Me : am fine, wetin happen?

Tpumpy : make we carry am enter first..

Three of them attempt to pull me up, but I quickly turned down the idea..

Me : muna stop jare! Why una wan carry me? Shey my legs brake ni?

Oluzo : see the goat whey we de try help? Ogbeni make we carry am enter jor..

Me : I say I fit enter by myself abi another thing de inside ni?

Tpumpy : Oluzo make we leave am, since he say him de okay.. make we just de follow am..

Me : better!

I stood up and walk all alone till I got to our place, I head straight to the bathroom and I pulled my clothes..nawa o, see as dose guyz dirty the cloth whey I newly wash.. after bathing, I washed the stained clothes and hung them in the bathroom..I relaxed my back on the bathroom wall, I was so tired and tasty, it seems am short of blood, I said.. wetin come de make me fall self? Abi na because say I never chop ni..?

simply because I was taking too long in there, oluzo sound from my room..

Oluzo : harno! U still de there abi you don fall again? (he said is a mockery tone)

Nifemi and kpumpy both laughed in response to his question..

Tpumpy : no mind am, naso he go de do like woman..(he said in a laughing tone)

I don’t even bother myself about their words, I chilled for two more minutes before I finally exit the bathroom..i entered my room and head straight to my wardrobe, I quickly pulled out my white boxer and put it on before I drop the towel..

Nifemi : promise how are you feeling now, should I get you something to drink?

Me : no don’t worry..( I pretend, but deep down inside of me I really need the stuff)

Kpumpy : sister no mind him jorh! He need am..

Nifemi : ok

She quickly stood up and rush out to get the stuff..

Oluzo : oga harno how your health now

Me : am fine..

Kpumpy : but wetin do you whey u de faint?

Me : I no know o.. I just de feel dizzy ni..

Oluzo : you de feel dizzy abi u don go bleep another girl again?

Me : oga no be so jorh..
As we were discussing, nifemi entered with a can of Malta Guinness and can milk.. ogun eje buruku (confirm blood table) I quickly collect it from her and mixed it together, i gulped it at once,but suddenly the cup drops from my hand before it hits the floor, I followed also.. I faint again

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