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MERIDA{The Mystery Mermaid} - Season 1 - Episode 73
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I mistakenly fell into the hands of the person as he intentionally circled his hands around my waist and cuddled me to his chest,i breathed in and out and perceived alcohol and cigarette from his chest with my eyes closed,its wasnt my Gio’s chest becos he doesnt drink alcohol in the mornin and smoke,its couldnt be Angelo’s chest becos i’ve nt seen him get drunk or smoke nd wouldnt be Leon who detest drinkin and smokin,i opened my eyes,raised my head up and saw same guy i bumped into yesterday.i quickly yanked myself off him and gave him a dirty slap not carin whom he was”who’re you?and want do you from me?”i queried in anger,he held his left cheek and stared at me with his fierce eyes”i’m Afrosky d Cultist and d capon of Buccaneers and what i want is ur body which i’ll get someday as long as you’re still in this school,trust me n go ask Gio or any of his friends,they’ll tell you more about me!!and for slappin me is ten rounds wit each of my boys,goodday Merida”he replied eyed,hissed at me and left.

Gio didnt wait for her becos he was angry with her for slappin me,we left for the restaurant together with Norman and Raymond whom were hungry except Angelo whom was determined to wait for her but who cares?my Gio is here with me and his two other friends is enough for me….
.I became confused and worried becos Gio didnt tell me any of this but wasnt scared becos i understand what he said and he was gonna pay for it.i went to the library and met Angelo readin”i’m sorry for being late today,i know my Gio’d be hurt by now,where’s he?”i asked”you’re really funny you know!you couldnt consider my own feelins yet you’re considerin Gio’s whos angry with u for slappin his girlfriend”Angelo replied angrily,yes he was right,i should’ve considered it but i didnt slapped Kara”but i didnt..didnt…slapped Kara”i replied confusely” whether you slapped her or not,i dont care,but you’ve to apologise to her since thats what she wants… lets go”he stood,held me by and shoulder and left for the restaurant.

We were already eatin and was feelin comfortable as i was eatin with my Gio beside me until she and Angelo came inside which got me worried and uncomfortable as i lost my appetite,my Gio frowned the more when he saw her which made me happy becos i wont be the one to send her packin instead Gio’ll after i persuade and change his mindset about her even with his friends…..I sat in the middle of Norman and Angelo becos i was shy of sittin with her,we started eatin when she brought up the matter of me slappin her and that i should apologised,i was like”when?how?where?” and refused at first but when i looked at Gio,he was glarin at me,his friends pleaded on my behalf to Kara but she didnt accept becos she wants me to apologised to her which i later did to avoid further questionin.they began to gist but i didnt contribute becos i dont know what to say and was quiet till we left,alot of questions was goin on in my head,i couldnt fathom why Kara was doin this to me and my Gio is always believin her not me.

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