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Added: Dec 01, 2017
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MERIDA{The Mystery Mermaid} - Season 1 - Episode 74
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We got to school by 3:30pm,had our remainin lectures till 6:30pm,i quickly dragged Gio to his car so that he can take me to the hostel leavin Merida behind which he did becos he told me he doesnt wanna wait for her before and was thinkin of leavin her behind.i was so happy and we left on time,leavin her in school…..We were done with our lectures and bid Angelo goodnight and went to wait at the parkin lot not knowin they’ve gone,i watched as student were goin to and fro,waitin for Gio and couldnt call or text becos i didnt have a phone.i watched as cars roared passed me until a car came to an halt and the owner came out,i wasnt suprised becos its was Angelo”your Gio has left with his wife,Kara,so he asked me to bring you home,lets go”he replied smilin while i frowned becos of what Gio did.i entered inside and he drove me off home…..I dropped her at her hostel and gave her some money which was 70k and a peck on her left cheek,turned and left with haste.

I got home before them by 7:30pm,had my bath and wore a yellow tank top,revealin all my strong and fresh muscles and half of my chest,ash khaki trouser and black donlop,ate my supper and went to the livin room to wait for her till she returns…..I got home 8pm,thanked and bid Angelo and went inside and met Gio pressin his phone,i didnt greet him becos he didnt greet me too and hissed when he saw me and was about goin up to my room when he gripped my wrist tightly and dragged me to the living room”why did you slap Kara?”he asked”i didnt believe me,she was the one that almost slapped me when she and her friends were mockin me for no clear reasons”i explained calmly”i dont believe you becos i know my Kara very well,she doesnt mock or bully others”he replied frownin”oh really!the day i would do mine,its wouldnt be funny,i’m calm now becos i love you n i’m hopin someday you can do d same”i replied,stared deeply into his eyes as a tears streamed down my face which made me looked away and run to my room.

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