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Added: Dec 01, 2017
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MERIDA{The Mystery Mermaid} - Season 1 - Episode 75
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I sat on the sofa and began to think,i’m just confused and dont know whom to believe,either Kara or Merida,i just had to believe Kara becos i love her but as for Merida,i’m not sure’how long are we gonna keep on arguin?’i asked myself,i can learn to trust and know her if i free my mind but the’i love you’thing is what i doubt,i cant love her becos she’s not my type and a mermaid for that matter,its cant work…..I sat on my bed and began to sob quietly as i squatted’why cant Gio believe me for once?why cant he just have a ting of love for me?is that how life is?,i thought aloud as i sob and began rememberin all that happened today,its was just too much and too unbearable,if its continues this way,i might end up hurtin the people around me includin my Gio n didnt want that to happened,i’ve made a promise not to hurt anyone or be at loggerheads with anyone but Kara is pushin me to the wall gradually,i thought and cried bitterly the more until i felt a cold hand touched my shoulder from behind.


I couldnt sleep becos i was thinkin of Gio,i couldnt wait to be his girlfriend in fact fiancee since he’s from a rich home and’ll introduce me to his parents someday even though i knew his aunt,aunt Vera his father’s younger sister who lives in Canada with her family nd we do chat n contact alot’my family’ll be rich through this means’i thought and chuckled…..I looked up and saw Leon,standin solidly behind me and sat on my bed,yes i could tell all my worries to Leon since he’s the only one that understand me and Gio wasnt ready to gimme attention,i thought as i sobbed into his shoulder as he cuddled me to his fresh broad chest like Gio and began pettin me like a baby as he kissed my hair at intervals,i felt warmth,safe,weak and secured in his arms as i sobbed the more,there were silence between us until he spoke”its all right,i can understand,i’m here for you”he cuddled me the more n pat my back which made me stopped cryin n withdrew myself from him to get hold of myself”thanks for comin”i replied.

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