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Added: Dec 01, 2017
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MERIDA{The Mystery Mermaid} - Season 1 - Episode 76
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I couldnt sleep becos i was thinkin of Merida and knew i’ve hurt and treated her badly becos my conscience is accusin me,i just have to tolerate her since i had no other options,i thought…..”no prolem,how was school today?”he asked”its wasnt good at all becos….”i know,you dont need to tell me,if he sent you packin,you can come and live with me”he cuts in”okay,but i dont wanna leave his side becos i love him”i replied”but he loves another,he cant love you Mer and you’ll leave his side someday becos you’ve got 5months left to live”he explained”i dont understand”i replied confusely”its means you’ll die before becomin a human and have only 5months left to live,becos normally its 6months and you’re already usin a month now remainin 5months”he replied”but nothin’ll happened to my Gio,right?”i asked assurinly”nothin but i’ll need your blood and his for some operations though its’nt now,i’m just tellin you”he replied smilin”ok then,but when i die where’ll i go to?how’ll i die?”i replied curiously.


He showed me the new prophesy from the oracle in his phone which says”the princess’ll die n have only 6months left to live whether she found a lover or not,she must die for she has broken the golden rule”he told me its was the day i was rescued that my days on earth were numbered which was true and told me to get a calender and be markin each day i spent and was still in january that means i’ll die in june which made me scared and sad becos i’d miss my Gio,Angelo and others and scared becos he said i’ll experience some signs and symptons a month to the last which were:decreasement of my power,unable to smell,think n feel and disappearin of my fins,i couldnt cry or say anythin,he told me to tell Gio so that he could be aware,i imagined how my death was goin to be n hoped Gio’ll be right beside me that very day.we discussed about alot of things n told me to get the bloods ready before his next visit which i promised and he left not after peckin me on my forehead,i slept off,waitin 4 tomorrow 2 c-m.

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