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Added: Dec 02, 2017
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MERIDA{The Mystery Mermaid} - Season 1 - Episode 77
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I couldnt sleep becos i kept thinkin and rethinkin what Leon told me if its was true or not,i trust him so i’ve no choice than to accept my fate if its was true…..I woke up the next day by 7:30am becos my class starts 10am and did the house chores,had my bath and prepared our breakfast which was yam and eggs…..I woke up by 8:30am feelin tired,had my bath and wore a red shinnin flay gown,black sandals,silver necklace,dot silver earrings,packed my hair in a ponytail and black handbag with a ‘princess’ design written on it and descended downstairs,went to the dinnin table and met him eatin,he greeted me and i answered him coldly,avoidin his gaze and ate silently as he kept starin at me at intervals until he spoke”i’m sorry Merie,just try understand,please i’m really sorry”okay i understand”i replied dryly,still avoidin his gaze until he placed his palm on mine”are you alright?”he asked concernedly while i gave him a yes nod,he insisted on washin d plates wen i wanted to as i smiled frm behind.


I still felt she was angry with me and apologised to her on Kara’s behalf and i and told her to be calm with Kara and that she should overlook whatever she or her friends does and she agreed.i became scared when she told me about her unusual meetin with Afrosky and only advised her to be careful with him and ignored him…..We got to school by 9:30am and went to our various department and was plannin on tellin him on sunday what Leon told me and try gettin his blood,i went to my class but this time they werent silence but was gossipin about me becos i could hear them and went to my seat but was so suprised to see rose flowers on my seat,candies and fruits in a brown basket and asked Angelo whom pretended to be chattin on his phone when he saw me”who brought this?”i dont know maybe its one of your admirers or crushers,who knows?”he replied,tryin to avoid my gaze”but i dont have any crushers apart Gio whom’s my crush”i explained calmly which made him frowned and coughed a little,ignorin my gaze.

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