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MERIDA{The Mystery Mermaid} - Season 1 - Episode 79
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We finished our meetin by 12pm and later went to school together with my friends in happiness becos we’ve concluded that’i say ‘yes’ to Gio tommorrow which was thursday and persuade him to drive Merida out of his house and Afrosky with his gangs’ll use the medium to rape and eliminate her secretly so that no one’ll suspect”…..I couldnt get my eyes off her,she was just too beautiful and has really captured my heart becos its been long since i felt this way ever since my girlfriend’s death which took me months to get over it,i was the one who sent those flower,candies and fruits becos i love her and has already fallen for her,i smiled and winked at her anytime our eyes met but she just smiled and looked away.i’m always jealous and frowned whenever she tells me about her love for Gio which hurts me alot but wont say anythin and just waitin for the right time to tell her my feelins and hoped they could be reciprocated becos i do love her and care for her unlike Gio who doesnt deserve her

We waited for Merida and Angelo to come becos Norman and Raymond were with me,i became impatient as to why they were late until i saw them headin towards us with smiles on their face as they both held their hands like young couples which made me eyed and hissed at them jealously,they greeted us and we answered and headed to the library together though i was behind them as they gisted and laughed which made me suspect both of them…..We were already in the library,readin and gistin at the same time.i grew impatient as my Gio and his friends werent here until i saw them comin with that little wench in the middle of Angelo and my Gio which made me jealous and frowned together with my friends who saw this and hissed with distaste…..We settled down and saw Kara and her friends sittin behind us and waved to them and was about meetin them when i saw Afrosky and 5 of his gangs,dressed in black and headin towards them with smiles on their face which got me scared and worried as i sat back in pain.

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