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MERIDA{The Mystery Mermaid} - Season 1 - Episode 80
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I stared at them as to how Kara,her friends and Afrosky got close and began to suspect them,i studied all of them for awhile as they were laughin and gistin and knew somethin was wrong but doesnt know how to explain and looked at my Gio and Kara whom was intentionally ignorin him,makin him feel sad which i felt also…..We were gistin n laughin becos Merida racked alot of jokes,makin us to forget our names until Afrosky approached our table which got us scared except her whom continued talkin and signalled her to keep quiet but didnt answer me instead she kept on talkin until he spoke”remember our agreement Mer,dont worry,its gonna be fun”he winked and licked his lips at her which made her eyed and hissed at him when he looked at me and replied”rich-lover-boy,just keep sprayin money like a fool,mtchew”he replied n left with his gangs,givin us a deadly looks.i became curious as to wat he said and at d time scared wen Kara came 2 our table wit smiles which got me less concern,thinkin he was lyin.

We left for the restaurant together but this time i told Merida to sit with us in my car which made Angelo frowned and began to complain but ignored him and Kara was angry,but who cares?’i must get those two close whether they like it or not,they must be friends!!’i thought and chuckled……I was silent in the car becos i felt uncomfortable with Merida with us and just hate that girl for no specific reasons,she gets me infuriated and jealous anytime i see her with my Gio or his friends,just her presence only gives me considerable discomfort and sometimes lost appetite whenever i’m dinnin with her but she shouldnt worry becos by tommorrow i shall be titled ‘miss.Bieber’ and all his toasters,admirers both secret and non secret and his crushers are dead becos they wont be able to near him when i’m there,i thought and smiled as we entered the restaurant,settled at a table,ordered for our foods and waited for it to be served until an idea popped into my head which was the beginnin of my torment to her.

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