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Movie Story: Jemeji - Season 1 - Episode 111
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Folake is with Obi in the palace reception room.
Folake says in her life, she never thought she would be flogged by masquerades and if not for the guards who didn't allow her into the palace, she would have been spared.

She asks what took Obi so long to come out and get her.
He has his face turned away from her all the while she was ranting.
She asks what's wrong.
He lets the tears he's fighting hard to hold flow.
She holds him as he cries.

Kingsley and Senami are waiting for Akweyon in the bush but no sign of her.
Kingsley says it's not too late for Senami to change her mind as she's already gone out of her way and no one will blame her.
He asks how she can be sure that Akweyon even wants to leave.

Senami says she definitely wants to leave as she's practically a slave and didn't ask for that life.
He says maybe she enjoys the power trip.
Senami says Mausi has all the power in the relationship and it has to stop.

Kingsley says what happens if Akweyon gets in the cat and acts out.
Senami says she knows she sounds crazy trying to save the person who almost burnt her alive but it wasn't Akweyon; it was Mausi.
Kingsley says he is happy to help but he doesn't like the fact that she keeps putting herself in danger.

She says she not in danger.
He says the last thing he wants is for his girlfriend to be under attack.
She says 'Girlfriend?'
He asks if she prefers 'Lover.'
She makes a face like that doesn't work either.
Fonton and his goons are still in the bush.
He begs them not to tell him the boy is dead.

They tell him he's dead.

He exclaims 'Ayo Ayo!' and starts crying.
He calls Petunia on the phone to tell her that the boy, Moses is dead.
He continues crying.
Half-a-day tells him to calm down
Ask says she's coming over.
Folake is sitting on the chair and Obi sits at her feet, on the ground.

She's massaging his head.
A guard rushes in to tell them that Mausi has arrived.
They both jump up and Folake says she doesn't want to see Mausi.
Mausi walks in with the elders.
She announces that anyone who isn't meant to be there should leave.
Folake runs out.

Mausi asks for Font.
An elder informs her that he left to make arrangements for the burial.
Mausi says she can't wait for him

She instructs them to take off Obi's clothes.
He has on just a pair of jeans.
An elder walks up to him.
Obi asks what's going on.
The elder informs him that for the next part of the rites, he needs to go naked.

Mausi speaks in Pidgin English 'Off your cloth because if you no naked, your papa spirit no go fit rest.'
Folake did not leave.
She is waiting outside.

A guard gives her a tray of food and says Obi instructed him to.

She asks what Mausi came for.
He says it's for the next part of the ritual.
She asks what it's like.
He says he can't tell her.

She says she's interested in the culture and she's tight with Obi.
He looks around to make sure the coast is clear then he says it's tedious and Obi won't rest or eat before the burial; they will prepare a sacrifice.

She asks what kind of sacrifice.
He says an animal sacrifice but in the past humans were used.
She retches.
At the clinic, Matron asks Seyive if she is going out.

Seyive says no.
Matron reminds her that there are masquerades about.
She gets a call from Jonah.
She tells Seyive not to move then she goes inside to take her call.
Seyive picks up her bag and leaves.
Oviyon is eating at home.

His mother says anyone roaming about this period will pay for it.
She says when she was a little girl, Sulah's stubborn grandfather went out when the chief at that time died and he caught chicken pox.
She says she's sure it was the same spirit that struck Sulah.

Oviyon says he fell down from a tree.
His mother says an expert at climbing trees mysteriously falls.
She begs him not to roam about so he doesn't bring curses upon them.
Someoneis banging on the door.

Oviyon answers.
It's Matron.
She tells Oviyon that she has been calling him.
He picks up his phone and sees her missed calls.
She says it's Seyive, she can't find her and she usually doesn't take off like this.

Iya Oviyon tells her not to drag Oviyon into anything.
Matron begs Oviyon to help her.
She pulls him aside and whispers that Senami is also missing.
Petunia gets to the bush to meet Fonton and the goons.
He tells her that the goons tied the boy like an

Half-a-day tells Fonton to take it easy and mind what he's saying.
Fonton says it's an abomination to kill someone before Otogan is buried.
They scoff.
He says the solution is to go and beg Mausi forforgiveness, if not, everybody in Aji will suffer.
Petunia tells him they didn't kill anyone.
Fonton says there is blood on all their hands.
Petunia asks if he wants to go to jail by telling Mausi.

Fonton says they won't go to jail as they didn't kill anyone but Half-a-day and his men will go.
Half-a-day tells him to shut up or get a slap.
Fonton clings to Petunia in fear.
Iya Francis is in the bush spying on them.
Petunia tells Fonton to calm down and be a man.
Half-a-day and his boys carry the body.

He instructs Fonton and Petunia tofollow them.
They leave and Petunia drags Fonton with her.
Matron tells Oviyon that Senami is also out there and she left before Seyive.
Oviyon becomes worried.
Matron says Senami has been acting weird lately, asking all sorts of question about Akweyon and her history.

Oviyon asks what it has to do with Seyive.
Matron says she has a bad feeling.
Oviyon says even Neza has been going on about Akweyon.
He suggests they go and look For Senami.
He realised what he said and quickly adds '...And Seyive.

Iya Oviyon grabs him by the collar and says he's not going anywhere.
Oviyon says it's because Matron mentioned Senami.
His mother tells matron to carry her Suffering out of her house.

Folake is standing outside the palace.
She asks the guards when they will be done with Obi as she's tired and needs to go in and rest.
Mausi comes out.
Folake runs off.

Obi and the elders also come out and stand
Mausi sprinkles some powdery substance around his feet.
She rubs some of the powder in the middle of his head and tells him not to clean off the mark because it would mean the spirit of his father won't be by his side.

She tells the elders that they are almost at the crossroads and they should listen so they don't lose their way.
She says the town crier can now tell the people that the roads are free again.

The town crier goes into the village square to announce that the roads are free again.
Half-a-day and his men bring the body corpse.
He says they found it in the bush.

Moses' mother falls down crying when she sees her dead son.
Half-a-day says it's the people who have been troubling their village that must have done it and they would give them war.
Fonton and Petunia stand there, looking guilty.
Oviyon calls Senami on the phone.

Senami ignores the call, thinking it's Matron.
Kingsley tells her it might be Neza.
She answers and Oviyon asks why she's outside when the curfew is still on.
Kingsley tells her to ask Neza what's taking him so long.

Oviyon asks if that was Kingsley's voice.
Kingsley asks if that isn't Neza.
Oviyon asks what she's planning with Neza.
He tells her to be careful if it's about Akweyon.
Senami asks how he knows.

He says Matron is with him, worried she can't find Seyive so Senami needs to be careful.
Oviyon's mother holds him tightly.
They hear the town crier announcing that the roads are free again.
Oviyon asks if she can hear.
She let's go and he leaves home.
Neza and Akweyon get to the river.

He pulls her on the canoe andassuresher that he will take care of her.
He tells her not to be scared.
She sits on the canoe.
He says Senami likes to pretend she knows everything but she doesn't know Akweyon like he does.

He says he will paddle to the next village then take a bus andthen theydisappear.
He shows her some money and says when they get to the next village, he will get her some clothes.

They hear some kind of roar.
Akweyon jumps out of the canoe.
Neza tells her to come back.
She lifts the scarf covering her mouth and tells him to run.

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