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Movie Story: Jemeji - Season 1 - Episode 113
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Senami is running in the dark.
Oviyon and Neza are searching for her.
She falls down.

Oviyon finds her and she faints in his arms.
It's morning, Fonton is taking a stroll through the village, happily whistling to himself.
Matron Zansi stops him.

He asks how she is doing.
She asks if Petunia didn't give him her message.
He says he has been busy with the burial arrangements.
She asks how Miyise is doing.
He says he's fine but too short tempered.

She says he just lost his father so it's understandable.
He says Miyise beat up Dr. Jide at the palace yesterday and he has a lot to learn but he will teach him.
She says the reason she came to his house was to tell him that now that Chief is gone, they need someone to lead them and bring peace to Aji.
Fonton says he knows and he wants to make Aji great again that's why he, Half-a-day and his boys are trying their best.

She says when she saw Petunia and Half-a-day in his house yesterday, they didn't look like the meeting they were having was to make Aji great again.
He asks if she doesn't know Petu again, she's not usually herself when she sees Matron as she gets jealous.

Matron says what she saw was not jealousy but guilt.
He asks if she's sure of what she's saying.
She tells him to just make sure he and his wife are on the same page.

Kingsley is in his Pajamas, sitting on the couch in the living room.
Senami is wearing his shirt, sitting on the same couch with her legs tucked in and her head on a pillow placed on Kingsley's laps.

Neza and Kingsley enter without knocking.
Neza asks Kingsley if Senami has said anything.
Kingsley says she's fine but hasn't said anything.
Senami stirs.
Oviyon clears his throat loudly.
She sits up.

She sees them and thanks Oviyon for yesterday.
He asks what happened.
She says Mausi is a fraud; she did that smoke thing again and she gave her water to drink, she was dizzy and disoriented and Mausi said the people need her to prepare...

Neza cuts her off and asks how she managed in the bush.
Senami says the pot stand fell but the pot remained floating in the air.
The three men look at her like she's gone crazy.
Neza asks if she saw Akweyon.

She says no.
He says he has to go and look for her.
He leaves.
Senami says she's not crazy.
Kingsley says maybe she was hallucinating.
Senami says she wasn't.
Kingsley says he's sure there is a logical explanation for it.

Oviyon clears his throat loudly again and says he has to go.
Peace is strolling through the village.
She sees Oviyon and greets him good morning but he is lost in his thoughts.

She walks up to him and asks if he's thinking about what happened to Moses
He asks what happened.
She tells him Moses is dead.
Seyive is mopping the clinic.
She hears a shrill cry.

Matron comes out of the ward and says it's as if Sulah passed away in the middle of the night
She says the shadow of death is passing through the village; first, it was Otogan, then Moses, now Sulah.
She says she has sent for Dr Jide.

She takes Seyive outside and says she must tell her everything that happened yesterday and where she disappeared to.
Seyive says Senami was trying to help her and Akweyon go to Lagos.

Matron asks what the connection is.
Seyive says Akweyon is her sister.
Matron is shocked.
She asks why she didn't tell her all these years.
Seyive says she was too scared and she never thought she could help Akweyon till Senami came.

Matron asks where she is now.
Seyive says she doesn't know where Akweyon is.
Matron asks why they would dare to do such a thing knowing that anyone with Mausi cannot turn back.
Seyive says she just wanted to help her sister as she has suffered too much.

Iya Oviyon comes to Petunia at home.
She meets her by the door and says what she wants to ask is very serious and she would like to know the truth.
Petu asks what the issue is.
Iya says when she was passing Moses' house, she saw a lot of women crying and she decided to ask who the person responsible for the death is.

Half-a-day's henchman, Zosu, is seated in front of the house and listening.
Iya says though she knows it's not Petunia but if Petunia knows the people responsible, she should speak up because it's a curse as Chief just died and she doesn't want any curse upon their family.

Petunia calls Zosu.
He walks up to them and holds Iya Oviyon's hands behind her back.
Petunia says she must tell them who told her what she just said.
Iya shouts for Fonton.
Petunia tells her he's not home so she needs to speak.

Zosu grips her hands tighter.
Iya screams and says it was Iya Francis who told her.
Petunia says she would have dealt with her if they weren't related.
She tells her to leave before she gets the boys to deal with her.
Akweyon is at the shrine, kneeling on the floor with her head bowed down.
Mausi asks if she knows what she risked at a time like this when they are burying Chief?

She tells her that she can't turn back so she
needs to be careful.
Akweyon remains in her position.
Mausi says she's glad that she came back to her senses.
She unties the raffia skirt from Akweyon's waist and takes off the white wrapper to reveal her regular red camisole.

She's picks some leaves and taps her gently repeatedly with it.
Akweyon looks up and sees Neza watching her.
She has tears in her eyes.
Senami enters the living room after having a bath.
She sees Saul and a pregnant woman with Kingsley.
Kingsley tells Saul that they can leave and he should make sure the woman is safe.

Saul says okay and stands up to leave.
Senami asks the woman how she handles her ante-natal care and if she lives in Aji.
Kingsley says she is not from around there and doesn't live in Aji.
He tells Saul that they can go.
After they leave, Senami asks why he was in a hurry to get them out.

He says he runs a small charity for widows and single women called the 'Patricia Emenike foundation' in honour of his mother.
She says it's amazing..
He says her boyfriend isn't bad after all.
She says concerning the boyfriend girlfriend labelling..

Matron barges in and asks Senami if she doesn't learn.
Senami says she doesn't understand.
Matron asks what her business is with Akweyon and why she's meddling in things that don't concern her.
Senami says it doesn't have to affect her before she tries to help.

Matron asks if Akweyon asked for her help or she just likes to look for trouble.
She turns to Kingsley and says she doesn't know why he's encouraging Senami as he's not a stranger in Aji and knows better than to try and interfere in Mausi's business as it can affect the entire village.

Senami says she just wanted to help a young innocent girl.
Matron asks why she doesn't leave things the way they are.
Senami says she can't see things going wrong and not do anything to help.
Matron asks what she knows about right and wrong.

Senami says Mausi is holding Akweyon against her will and it's wrong
Matron asks if Akweyon was taken from her family by force or she told Senami that she wanted to leave?

Senami stutters incoherently.
Matron says Senami just decided she knows
what's best for someone else like she always does.
She warns her to listen to reason before her eyes will see something that her mouth cannot say.

She walks out.
Kingsley gives Senami a look that could be interpreted as 'I told you' or 'I'm sorry about that.'
Peace comes to Petunia to complain that the charm didn't work on Oviyon instead he's been looking for Senami all over the place even at night.

Petunia ignores her.
Peace says maybe Senami is truly a witch.
Fonton returns home and tells Petunia that he would like to see her.
She says she also wants to see him.
Peace asks if she should leave.

Petunia says she can leave if she wants to; she knows what to do but she's looking for someone to hold her hand.
Peace says she came for advice.
Petunia says she has her own problems to deal with.

She enters the house and locks the door.
Folake is walking home.
A Lexus SUV stops in front of her and she sees Dr Jide behind the wheel.
She points out the new car.
He says he just got it and can drop her off at the corper's lodge if she's a good girl.
She says he is a village doctor so how could he afford such a car?

He says he's an enterprising doctor.
He comes out of the car.
She says she will walk.
He grabs her and wants to forcefully put her inside the car.
She screams for him to leave her alone.
One of the goons appears and orders him to leave her alone.

He threatens to deal with him if he doesn't leave her.
Jide goes back into his car.
The goon asks Folake where she's going so he can walk her down.
Peace enters the shrine, holding her slippers.
Mausi opens her arms and calls her forth.
Peace goes in for the embrace.

Mausi says 'Welcome my child.'

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