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MR. PERFECT - Season 2 - Episode 163
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uhmmm i think we have to leave now she said grabbing my left arm. We walked away smiling.

is that leo??

where! she asked curiously.

over there in the company of ricky, damian, mira and isabel of course.

yes!! she said smiling come on lets go say hi.

Me: do i have to come?

of course! She said pulling me along, as we walked to were they stood.

hey lucas she said smiling.

whoa!!! What happened to your arm??

a really long story.

i guess you aint fit for hug then she said with a smile.

Me: you’ll never know until you try! I said smiling, as she gave me a hug.

happy birthday she said as mira did likewise.

Me: you know am not the only one celebrating.

Mira: who else is?

my twin sis

whoa! You have a twin sis??

where is she they asked excitedly.

sophia! I said turning to my left, with the thought she was standing next to me.
Just then i found her a few miles away kissing leo.


where is she?.

i think she’s busy , just then ricky and damian walked back with a bottle of champaigne for the ladies.

lucas, dera’s searching the whole place for you.

where’s she now?

i left her over there he said pointing to the right

I walked towards that direction, looked around abit when i found her strolling around like she lost something.

i never knew you like wandering around i said smiling.

Dera: lucas!!! I was looking everywhere for you.

Me: am here now i said with a smile.
Just then we head a clanging sound made by mr keith to draw everyone’s attention. I could see the suprise looks on mum’s face.

Keith: he knelt down imediately, taking the ring case out of his pocket.

woow you…….

yeah i came prepared, he said smiling.

we dont have to this here.

its amazing how time flies, i know have probably gotten a reputation for showing up late.
I want you to know, you are the only one my heart recognizes, it doesnt matter how far i go, i still find my self running back into your arms. This time i want to
take you with me mirabel, i wanna take on a life time journey. Will you marry me?? he asked
with a smile.

I was abit suprised to here everyone chanting yes!! Yes!! As mum’s face beam with smiles.

yes…..yes she said pulling him closer as they kissed each other.

I stood there for a while smiling as tears gathered up in my eyes. For the first time, mum was enjoying someone else company with lots of smiles on her face not just smiles but hearty smiles which escalated every seconds.

I looked around to see sophia still holding unto leo, ricky & mira, damian & isabel and of course milano and vanessa. Everyone looked really happy, at this point i felt my heart was gonna blow up in excitement, looks like everyone learnt there lesson.

But i think i learnt even a bigger lesson, my life’s experiences carefully painted into words.
A lesson i was willing to spread to my children and grand children.

Life is beautiful when you live in it with no regrets,
It is even colourful when you when you let go of your past and live for the future.

When you beat your chest and say to yourself i was hurt, chattered, broken but its all over now because it only made me stronger. Am aint stuck in the past anymore, because am heading for the future.

Everyone gets hurts one way or the other by someone and sometime not just any someone.
But that someone who was supposed to love you the most.

And then i realized life becomes a blessing when we forgive. Most people do not realize the gravity of holding a grudge. Its like letting someone live free in your head without out paying rentage.
They fail to realize forgiveness isnt what we do for others! Its what we do for ourselves.
It doesnt matter whether you are rich or poor, everyone has needs. Life becomes a fulfilment when someone looks at you and smile to himself thats the angel God sent to me in human form. Its about giving someone something they’d cherish all there life. Thats what truly makes great men great,
even when they die they aint truely dead because just everyone in the world carry of piece of them.

Just then dera hugged me, thats when i realized have been lost in stairs.

your mum is happy now, its time for you to happy too. She said as motioned our lips towards each other.


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