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Added: Oct 11, 2017
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MR. PERFECT - Season 1 - Episode 22
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The voice really didnt sound familiar, well i wasnt suprise from current happenings.

Me: what!!!! Sophia!!!

Sophia: smile# am one of your biggest fan you know.

Me: stop kidding me, i never knew you are in this college.

Sophia: well i deffered a semester but am here now.

Me: you’ve grown so beautifully i said with a smile.

Sophia: i’d want to say thesame about you she said smiling wonderfully.


sophia morrison the only daughter of charles morrison, dad’s best friend. In the past we were a bit close she never missed my birthdays, when it seem like dad and his friends were having some ish. I never set my eyes on her until now, right in front of me was a beautiful, well tonned fair skin, slim, average height, dark curly long hair which fell backward, beautiful eyes which complimented her long face with small pink lips.

that wasnt fair you know.

Sophia: really sorry been out of the country, i lost my phone in the process. I think someone took it, at first i thought it was my dad, and later found out it wasnt him, i guess i dropped it. I had to get a new cell phone.

Me: i couldnt help but smile, feels good to have you back sophia.

Sophia: she just smiled so tell me when did this celebrity thing start?? Lone-dude

Me: oooh my God you’ve heard that too??

Sophia: hahahha just from a few persons.

Me: its really abit of long story how about i show you around.

Sophia: smile i’d love to but uhmm i wont want to be called a lone-lady, plus i dont want trouble.

Me: trouble??

Sophia: hahahha right now hanging out with you is trouble.

Ricky: sophy!!!!!! He said pulling her up for a hug.

Sophia: hahaha i think you grew naughtier silly.

Ricky: and you’ve got prettier, how about i show you round the school my lady he said holding hands softly.

Sophia: smiling hmmm thats the nicest thing have heard, yes plsss. She said waving goodbye to me.

Ricky: dont worry son shes in good hands he said smiling.

Me: get going already i said smiling abit. I watched them leave, i quickly turned to eat my food. So what are they gonna call me now, celebrity lone-dude huh i thought as i hissed, well i really didnt feel like going out.

I looked up again to see damian and dera walking towards my table.

Me: i guess am on a hotspot today.

Damian: styles top rated model!! He said moving the seat for dera as he sat down. Thats my kid brother lucas and lucas thats dera my very awesome friend.

Me: just smiled at him

you know for a while i thought you to be just a regular emotional rich kid, you were cool on stage you know she said with a smile.

Me: i really dont know why but her words seemed offensive to me. I’d try to keep that in mind, i said taking my eyes back to my food.

Dera: uhmm i really didnt mean it that way, she said looking abit shocked.

Damian: hahahha dont mind lucas, he’s never nice to ladies he said as she smiled a bit. Come on man i told you shes my friend.

Me: hi dera i said with a fake smile

Damian: see i told ya

Dera: she was about smiling when i stood up to leave.

Me: sorry bro have got things to do.

Damian: see you around man.
I walked out a bit pissed, just because she saw me cry alittle, doesnt me she’d spill it to my face. She really do think am emotional, tcccch!!!!

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