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**Bro please we are friends,change your lifestyle “ He (Phillip) said and walkaway from him

“I know that what the two of you will say, everytime change! change!! ,am I buhari or what? Abeggii” Jones said as he walked up to them

“Man we are saying our own for you, see if you like, listen if you like don’t listen, that’s your own cup of palava “ Phillip said as they walked away

After some endless time of searching job, Finally an advert was posted on the gate of a particular company looking for vacancies of two heads
Immediately Lanre saw this he quickly alerted his two Phillip and Jones as he got home

“Guys, good day “ Lanre said as he greeted his friends in a weary manner due to the stress he had passed through

“How far man?, How was work? “ Phillip who was cooking from the room came to meet his friend

“Guys, I help you see one small job o for a big company, although the job is kind of dirty though “ Lanre said reluctantly

“Dirty job, with this level of my wretchedness, funny you” Phillip said jokingly

“but I don’t know maybe you will be able to do it? “ Lanre said facing both of them

“Let hear it if it’s a job that we can do……

“Stop there, don’t put the “IF” in it,for me, I believe that once it’s not robbery or an illegal activity, I believe strongly that we can do it “
Phillip said correcting him (Jones)

“there you went wrong because for me I can’t do it if it seems too low” Jones said taking his eyes off the discussion

“what’s wrong with you guys, you haven’t known the job I wanted to share with you gan sef? “ Lanre said with a slight anger

“***Hisses at Jones**(faces Lanre) See, Laney tell us the job jhare” Phillip said paying a total attention

“Okay well the company is one of the company producing food and beverages and they are looking for two people, one gateman and one Mobile driver…….. ***Before Lanre could finish talking, Jones stood up and headed to the room

“Ahahahah, Jonzy where are you going, won’t you let me finish my words? “ Lanre said and he saw him (Jones) turning back ,heading to the room

“You mean a whole graduate like me to be opening gate for my mates Ehn? Over my dead body!!” He said as he threw his thumb in the air showing a sign of ” *GOD FORBID*”

“But……. Lanre wanted to talk but Phillip snapped at him

[B] “Wo Laney tell me about it,i will do it “
Phillip said in a conclusive manner

“You mean you will do it ?” Lanre asked in amazement

“why won’t I do it, abeg when did they say that I will start? “ Phillip asked in excitement

“Ehn, by Monday you will start “ Lanre said

“Okay bro thank you very much” Phillip said as he chop knuckles with lanre

“Abeg Wetin dry house, my stomach is dancing *shakiti bobo*” Lanre complained

“I think Jonzy is doing some cookings in the kitchen “ He said as he lay down on the sofa

“Jones! Jones!! “ Lanre called him from inside

“He won’t answer, don’t you know that he’s too rich “ Phillip said and they both laughed out loud

On monday morning, Phillip went to start his new job leaving Jones only at home, he took the gateman’s job seriously, it went on like this for few months

Not until a day,one of the weekend when the three of them were having a gist in the dining room,

“Omo my body dey hot ooo, shey nepa no bring light ni?” Lanre said as he was trying to fan himself with his loosened cloth

“See you as you say talk like say you no dey this country at all “ Phillip said as he was opening the louvers

“Guys where are we going to spend the weekend just to kill off the bored home” Lanre threw an opened questions to them

“Hmm,let go to Quilox” Jones said in excitement

“Chai, see him, I’m just tired of your friend because everything you know how to do is to have fun and live a fraudulent life” Phillip threw up

“Hesss, guy you don start again oo,please don’t start with me o, because I can’t shout ooo “ Jones said with a defiant look on his face

“Hehess guys please don’t fight over this small thing (faces Jones) okay where do you want us to have fun? “ Lanre said

“Just a big bar, you know to roll with big boys “ Jones said as he was giving gestures
***He faces Phillip ****** and you?

“Anywhere, I’m okay “ Phillip said with all his hands raised up

“No problem, when it’s around 3pm to 4pm we will stroll out” Lanre said

“No problem,we are ready “ Phillip said. Immediately a soft knock resulting from a soft voice was heard on the door….,…

“Who is that? “ Lanre shouted from inside

“****whispers*** Don’t talk, that must be my baby there “ Jones said as he went to open the door….

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