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****whispers***Don’t talk, that must be my baby there” Jones said as he went to open the door…..

“Wow, at last the queen is here,” Jones shouted in a flattering manner as he saw his girlfriend entering with her horny look as ever

“There you go “ The lady said as she worked majestically into the room where Phillip and Lanre were seated

“Hope you didn’t find it difficult to locate my place?” Jones said as he sat down beside his girlfriend as they both sat down oppositely to Lanre and Phillips

“Not at all,but wait o, you mean this is your place?” the lady asked in surprise

“Yes of course “ Jones said lying

“Ehn ehn ***coughs**” Lanre coughs his throat

Getting the signal, Jones blinked at the two of them

“Ehm, baby “ He said as he faces his girl


“Less I forget, meet my friends, Phillip and Jones,they came here to stay with me for the main time,(Faces Phillip and Jones) Guys, meet my Wife, Tonia, the goddess of beauty,the only daughter of Koker and Sons light limited”
He introduced formally

“Oh you mean the same Mr Koker?” Lanre said trying to play along

“Yes now” Jones said smiling

“Hussh, you love to talk too much “ Tonia blushes as she heard Jones introducing her

“Let me tell them so that they will know “ Jones said smiling hard

“to let us know that you have caught a big fish this time around” Phillip murmured

“Sorry ?” Tonia said

“Nothing, he’s just trying to say how much you are welcomed “ Jones said trying to do a cover up

“Okay, guys Thanks for welcoming me” The lady said as she exchanges handshakes with Phillip and Lanre

“So what do you want baby? The house is yours “ Jones said

“Anything good” Tonia said

“Okay I’ll be right back in a jiffy” Jones said as he ran into the kitchen
Couple of minutes after, Lanre signaled to Phillip just to excuse their friend

“Pippy,i wanna go out to see my friend “ Lanre said as he prepares to step out

“Okay bro,i will meet you there “ Pippy said

“Wait, guys hope I’m not the one disturbing you? “ Tonia said as she wore a sad look

“No dear, we just wanna stroll out” Pippy said on seeing that Lanre is out

“Ohk,but sorry what’s your name please” Tonia said as she was tried to call Phillip’s attention

“But my friend told you that I’m Phillip the other time” Phillip said in bafflement

“I know, just wanted to catch your attention “ Tonia said

“***Smiles** so is that all,?” Phillip asked

“Hmmm, love your stature, you looking cute” She said seductively

“Thank you very much dear, may I go now?” Phillip asked in a scornful way

“No, please can I have your digits?”Black She asked in her ladylike manner

[B] “Hope no problem?”
Phillip asked suspiciously

“Nothing, I just don’t want to miss your company “ She said smiling

“**He sighs*** Okay, 07035231619”

“Thank you, I will beep you tonight “
She said looking straight into Phillip’s eyeballs and giving him a seductive smiles at intervals

“Pippy!! Pippy!!!! “ Lanre shouted from downstairs

“I have to go now, thank you very much “ Pippy said as he hurriedly went downstairs
On getting there, he saw that Lanre was already boiling in anger

“Wait, what kept you waiting since the past few minutes? “ Lanre asked him

“I’m sorry guy, was sorting some things out “ He replied as they both went out..
[email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]@[email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]$

Some month later, Phillip has been doing well in his newly secured job as a gateman,he took it seriously and as fate would have it, luck was on his side

Around 8pm in the evening Phillip is not yet back, Jones and Lanre are already found in the sitting room waiting for him to be back

“But what kept him outside like this? “ Lanre asked Jones rhetorically

How do I know, is he not our friend?”Jones said

As soon as they finish talking, Phillip entered,whistling,dancing and shouting praises of songs
“Pippy why are you just coming now? “ lanre asked without welcoming him

“Omo I don port into goodness “ Phillip said as he keeps on dancing

“What happened?” Lanre asked in eagerness

“You won’t believe it, a lady came to buy some bulks of goods in our company and I was asked to take his goods with the company’s car since the driver was not around…..

“Ehn ehn continue, we’re listening”[
Lanre said

“As soon as I carried his goods, we entered into a discussion which made her to asked if I was educated and she was surprised seeing that I was a law student? “ Phillip narrated
“She was surprised that how could a law student become a gateman and I told her that i wanted to raise money to further into Law school “ Phillip continued

“Wow unbelievable” Lanre said in amazement

“And you know the funniest aspect, she gave me a cheque worth thousands of naira” Phillip said as he threw the cheque on the table

“Wooooowwww” They all shouted in jubilation

“Indeed, she was your angel” Jones said smiling

“Mehn, this calls for celebration” Jones said

“I trust you, fun-boy “ Phillip said

“Na you sabi, so what are we popping?” Jones asked laughing in excitement

“we are going to pop Palm wine” Lanre said as they all busted into laughter……

To Be Continued………………….

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