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Must Read: Home Alone Reloaded (18+)
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Mrs Halima: uhmmmmmm!!!She m0aned.

Her p—y was tight, very very tight just like before. Without delaying, I held her butt cheeks as I started to slow f–k her.

She was busy singing out nonsense as her p—y was milking my d–k.

Mrs Halima: harder Idris.

She said and I pushed all my length inside of her, I didn’t hit rock bottom so I held her butt cheeks again, and pushed with force this time and that was when the head of my d–k slipped into her tight womb.

At this point, I couldn’t go back. Her p—y held on my d–k so tight that my d–k couldn’t grow in size again and that was when we both came.

She messed up her table and I emptied my load directly into her womb.

This have been the shortest s-x I have ever had but will remain the sweetest and the best.

Mrs Halima: *breathing hard* what a quickie, couldn’t believe you entered my womb.
That d–k of yours is something else.

She said to me as I wore my trousers correctly.

Me: I will get going.

Mrs Halima: no problem. Bye sweetie.
I came out of her office to see Bella standing outside with hands akimbo.

Bella: Idris, what were you doing inside there?

She said pointing to Mrs Halima’s office.

Me: submitting the assignment, what else?

Bella: and the door was locked with the both of you inside for hours?

Me: oh, I was playing a trick on her.

Bella: which trick?

Me: I told her that I haven’t completed my assignment because of my parent’s trip. I asked her to gimme back the book lemme finish it.

Bella: and what did she say?

Me: no at first but after a little persuasion, she agreed so I took your book and did everything for you.

Bella: wooow!!!

Me: yeah, so you owe me one right?

Bella: not only one. Please am hungry o, come buy something for me.

Me: alright let’s go.


the closing bell was rung and students trooped out of their classes to the devotion ground happily.

Well it wasn’t the same for us, the physics teacher gave us a very hard assignment which is to be submitted the next day and the worst of all is that the assignment is our CA test.

We went to the assembly ground for closing devotion which we did successfully before we were allowed to go to our various houses.

I was tired, very tired that I left the school premises as soon as the gate was open with Samuel by my side.
I arrived home, greeted Samuel’s mum before entering my house. Without wasting time, I quickly took my bath, prepared noodles which I ate with a bottle of chilled coke before heading straight to bed.


*knock* *knock*
Someone was busy knocking on the door. I woke up and checked the time, it was 5:03pm.

Me: who is that one disturbing my sleep.
I said as I walk to the door push open it and was dump founded.

Me: *surprised* you!!!!

To be continued

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