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Added: Aug 13, 2017
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TWO WEEKS LATERI was locked behind bars by the order of my father. I had gotten seven girls pregnant including Ruth, Joy, faith, Amaka, Rose, Bola and a girl that just came into our school newly, favour.

Life to me now is worthless and meaningless.
I couldn’t walk around as I do before because of shame, great shame from every corner.

I was hated by everyone and I am thankful I am locked up away from the reach of many. I have been flogged severally and more is still coming because my dad is on his way to port Harcourt.

I couldn’t stand before my mum and little bother all because of shame. Few days from now, I will also be made to be paraded around the barrack Unclad.

My dad has finally given hope on me. After beating me severally, he will take me back to the village. No more school or Education for me.
Oh, had I know.
Oh, had I listen to Samuel.
Oh, had I repented from my useless and deadly way of life, things would have been better.
Bella’s POV

I am a living testimony. I thank God from life. I couldn’t believe that I agreed to sleep with a boy who pretended to love me at the expense of my virginity.

Now look, few weeks ago. I would have been disgraced or be among the numerous girls he impregnated. Oh God I thank you for my life.
My word of advice to everyone is, FLEE FROM FORNICATION, IT KILLS.

So after everything I have done for Idris, he still had the mind to disgrace me.

After impregnating more than fifteen ladies at a go, he will tell me if he is a dog. waitfirst till I get to port Harcourt, then hell shall break loose.

The end

written by: Mustapha Idris
nickname: Musty the king Author.
email: [email protected]
Facebook Id: Mustapha Idris {musty}
Facebook page: Musty Idris- king Author.
The end

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Aug 15, 2017
what a way to end a great story.
Aug 29, 2017
The sex maniac will ​surely meet his waterloo from that which he enjoys most...."SEX"
Quite a touching story.
Love the message being delivered
Karma is surely a bitter bitch
Oct 18, 2017
wowwwwwwww an interesting story keep it up
Jan 29
sweet, interesting but a sad ending. Though it teaches a lesson. Idris Mustafa hope u re not the main Idris in the story. U tried shaa I hail.
Idris wannabe
Apr 12
4 bella mind she dey talk say she thank God... if idris no tell am make she no come again she for don carry belle... if not twins sef.. nice story sha?
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