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Must Read: Jide!!! (18+) - Season 1 - Episode 47
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There were few messages that have been exchanged between me and Nolly.

I was able to pinpoint the ones that might have triggered Shola…

*hey baby, I can’t wait for you to be back*
*remember those hard times you had at my back, I can’t wait for more*

This was the first time I was experiencing something like this…. I didn’t really know how to go about it, or what to even do.

I went to my room, and locked the door….
Moments later, I came out and went to my sister.

Kemi, what’s up…

Kemi: I’m okay… where’s Shola?

She’s gone. She went to school.

Ah…. She didn’t even tell me….
Knowing fully well that all calls to Shola, especially at that particular period was only going to be a waste of time…

I decided to send in text messages of all kind.

*I love you…. And it’s not what you think… but you allowed your attitude take over you again…*
*Shola, I can’t forget the day I met you… the day we fought for our love…. And how we’re able to connect and grow together….we’re forever…*

*Hmm, the day we got pregnant…. That’s the most beautiful day in our lives… please Shola, call me when you’re in school*

All my messages were delivered…

As I threw my phone away from my immediate presence, it alerted me for a text message…
In great anxiety, I stretched my hand to get the phone, hoping it was Shola….

Turning the screen, I was in frowning face…

*I’m thinking we should get an apartment next semester* Nolly

Like she knew what was going on, she only tried to spoil the matter.

I taught for a second, “what if Nolly was sending the texts at random times, in case the phone was with a woman”.

I didn’t reply her….immediately
I went to the sitting room….when my phone rang…

Hi… did you get my text Jide?

Yes, I just saw it… what brought this?

I was just thinking, it would make sense if we start living together.

No.. no… that would be a lot of money…

Nolly: Who’s talking about money here…. And it’s not like we’re going to buy the house… it’s a family house…

Oh, I understand. Ehm, when I’m back we’ll see…

Nolly: No… I want an answer now… Should I go ahead with the idea… so I can start decorating and renovating the place….

I don’t know Nolly… but you can go ahead.

Nolly: Yes! I’ll call you later today… bye… I love you!

With the kind of situation I was in…. and what Shola had put me through in recent days….

I made up my mind to go on with Nolly.

Although, I love Shola, like no other woman…
she’s been treating me anyhow..? How?
Knowing fully well, I cheat on Shola…. She instead took matters in her hands.

But then, I cheated on Nolly also…. And she’s okay with it…

I called shola up to 15 times, she didn’t pick my calls….

My mind was made up.

I called Lola

Are you home?

No, I’m at the office. Why?

Me: I want you now…

aha… you’re a silly boy… anyway I’m at work… and very busy…

Okay… later then…
I dropped my phone as Nepa brought light.
I was watching TV when my phone rang again…

Hey, I saw your missed calls.

Missed calls…

I’m in school already… I’ll talk to you later…

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