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Must Read: Journey Through The Wilderness
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journey to the Airport was uneventful I was just thinking about mylife. after 3 years of graduating with a first class upper no
work,nothing,to do at last I will be in Europe.
well don’t blame me that I said Europe the country is Cambodia and I
don’t have any idea about the country. but all I know is am leaving
the country for good. I started praying for my mum how I will miss her
and my family. I don’t even have any fiancé talk less of girlfriend so
don’t complain because am the gentle type.
the driver touch brought me back from my dreamland he hand over a
white envelope to me I open it and see bunch of dollars, I open my
mouth and want to ask the driver about it and he pass another envelope
to me I open it and the content in it read.

My dear friend the money in the envelope is $10000 you will use it for
your upkeep there. someone will be waiting for you at the airport so
take care of yourself.

I gave the driver $100 but he decline and laugh I just shake my head
and come down from the with my back pack firmly held to my back and my
travelling bag.

After what seem like eternity we where checked in. visa correct, Pass
the custom and immigration with any delayed or problem.
to the Plane.
good bye Nigeria

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