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Added: Aug 07, 2017
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Must Read: Journey Through The Wilderness
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Being the first born and a boy is Like hell on earth. I have to dosome menial job to support the family after my nysc, and I can’t
secure a job. Most of my friend have went to the city, while most of them Are doing some business.


I went to chinedu house to talk to him about how he can help me also.

he already promise to take me to Lagos with him to start work.

before I left he gave me #24000 to get some things I will need,
Getting home I saw my mum outside blowing the fire with her mouth I just shake my head, and went close to her I gave her part of the money
and explain everything to her. I enter my room,pray, and pack some of my clothe to my old school bag, before I went to eat and sleep off.

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