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Added: Aug 12, 2017
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Must Read: Journey Through The Wilderness
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I open my eye gently to see that am on a sitting position, I try toremember all that happen to me from the village to the city, my
friend, my mother, and my friend dead wife only god know what is
happening to me.

I was still thinking when a heady slap land on my left cheek my head
start malfunction all I could see is my friend wife spirit in my from
shaking her hear.

I try to touch my cheek that when I realise my two hand have been tied
together and my leg to the chair I try to figure where the person that
slap me is but everywhere is dim dark no light no fan I was already
urinating on my self.

I could feel the door open and close back and a few whisper I try to
figure out wat they are saying but all to no avail.
one of my abductor went to in the light but I couldn’t see anybody due
to the brightness of the light on my face. one of them come to untie
me , I was cover with hood and taken out of the room.

I try to run. but they where faster than me as one of dem kick me on
my groan. I went down immediately feeling pain all over my body I was
bundle and thrown inside a waiting van and they zoom off.

after like 45min the car was stopped and I was taken out and I was
bundle like a bag of rice by two people.

I couldn’t hear any thing
they were saying.

they drop me down and my hood was removed water was poured on my face
and when I was able to see clearly. my face and the last person I wish
to see on earth jam together.

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