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Love and Asset - Season 1 - Episode 5
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So he headed to the Chief’s house for the driving’s interview.

On getting go the chief’s house he knocked
**knocks** he from outside

“Yea,na who dey there?” A voice which resemble an old man answered

[/B] “It’s me Sir,Alano”[/B] he answered in a meek maner

On hearing the rattle from the opening of the gate,he tried to compose himself very well after seeing the *KHAKI* worn by the baba gateman which one can tell that he is an *old-soldier*

“Ehn ehn,wetin you want?” the gateman asked him to verify if he wasn’t a *spy*

“Good Morning Baba,i am Alano,and i have an appointment with Chief today Sir” He explained fully

“Are you sure?” The baba asked him again and by this time was frightening his face at Alano just to be sure if he’s real
“Yes sir” He replied

”See Oh boy,if i enter and ask Chief and he tell me say he no expect anybody,consider yourself as meat for the Dogs in this compound” The Baba said after letting him into the compound to check from Chief inside
[/B] **** *GOD* save me oo,what if Chief say he is not looking or expecting me nko****[/B] Alano thought of this as he was watching the baba entering inside the *Mansion*

After a couple of minutes,the baba came back outside smiling at Alano and said

“Good Boy,you can go in,the Chief wants you in” Baba said patting Alano at his back

“Thank you Sir” He replied while heading to the door

**thank *GOD* say dey no use me do meat oo*** Alano thought as he was going into the house hs thought again **Oh my *GOD*,see house,hope it’s not only the Chief living here** Alano thought as he was entering through the main door

When he got inside, he met the Chief’s *bouncers* and their face were not smiling at all but he took the courage to ask one of them
“Please sir i am here to see Chief,can i sit down” He asked as he was shivering internally

“Hmm” the bouncer replied him as he pointed to the chair.

After several hours of waiting,one of the bouncers came him

“Mr Man,you will have to wait for four hours because the chief is having a meetkng with his company’s directors and while you are waiting for him,you can have these Okay!!!” He snapped after serving Alano with fruit and drinks
“Ok Boss” he jokingly said

**the bouncer laughs**

At about 7pm chief came out to attend to him
**chai chai!! See this man coming to attend to me by this time since 10am in the morning** Alano thought as he was looking at the chief coming in his white-flowing agbada
“Hello my son,please i’m sorry for coming late hope they entertained you well” the chief asked

**what rubbish,noo,i’m not angry,i be waiter here ni *Shoroniyen* ** alano thought and said

“no Sir i’m not angry at all and they served me well” He replied

“Ok,are you not the boy from Saka,my mechanic” the chief asked him after sitting majestically on his chair

“Yes Sir,i’m the one,Alano” he said

“Hmmm what a nice name,ohhh i love your dressing,i never notice your mode your dressing” the Chief smiled on seeing his dressing

“Thank you Sir” He replied meekly
After several discussion with Alano,the chief said.
“Alano,because you are from Saka i won’t ask you much question,but i want to tell you that you will be the one driving me and my Daughter” the chief explained that to him
**ahah you and your daughter,wait oo what of your wife** Alano thought of this and said “okay sir i will try my best,may *GOD* help me”

“Amen,but when you are driving my daughter dont overstep your boundary,i hope you know what i mean by saying that”
The Chief jokingly said

“Yes Sir i will not do that” he replied

“Because if you do that,you are deaaad” the chief said jokingly stressing the word “dead”

[B] “Okay Sir,i won’t”
Alano replied

“So since today is friday,you will resume work on monday and while you’re coming,make sure you pack your luggages along with you here because you will staying here with us because sometimes i may want to embark on an early journey and you will need to drive me to the airport” Chief said

“Ahah thank you very much Sir,i’m happy that you accepted me

“No problem,when you through you can tell the guards and he will see you off”
the chief replied him

“Thank you Sir and Bye Bye Sir”, he said as he was making an attempt to go


Alano left the chief’s mansion happily because it was like a magic in his eyes
***Just like that*** he thought as he was returning back home at around 7pm in the nighht,and suddenly he saw a break-down jeep parked by the road side and as a man he decided to check what is happening,only for him to find a beautiful lady standing looking stranded,and from her appearance one can tell that she is endowed with some attributes (i knew you know what i mean)

“Hello young lady, Good evening” He greeted

“Evening” The lady answered without even looking up to who it was because one can guess that she was busy trying to call a number
“What are you doing here in the middle of the night like this” He asked trying to figure out the reason

“Please sir,it’s this thing (she pointed to the car) that got fault,and i don’t even know what to do to it, that why i have been calling my dad to come and pick me but his number was not going through,…infact i’m done” The lady explained as she was about crying

***hehe,see *GOD*,mehn see *Ajebo pikin*** Alano thought

“It’s okay,don’t worry,just get into the car and i will check what is wrong with the car,it might be a minor problem” Alano said that as if he knows what to do to the jeep

“Like you not hearing me Mr man,i said the car broke down,i mean it cannot move and i don’t know the cause of it and moreover are you a Mechanic??” The lady yelled at Alano

“Young lady,if you trust me please enter the car and start it” Alano said after fixing one or two things in the car

With a mind of anger the lady entered the car and to her suprise she heard the sound *Tayunyunyun* of the jeep

“Ohh my *GOD* you did it thank you” the lady said bouncing up and she thanked Alano
“We thank *GOD*, i told you earlier on that you should go and start it” Alano said in a truimph manner

“Oh thank you very much,you awesome,can i have your number?”

“Hmmm my phone is not with me”
Alano lied cos he himself knew that he no even get Torch light

“Okay,take this and call me whenever you are less busy” she hands out her complimentary card to Alano which he collected it

“Okae,thanks,now get into the car and go to you house because this street is not condusive for a lady like you” He replied her sharply

“Okae bye” the lady replied as she zoomed off……….

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