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Love and Asset - Season 1 - Episode 7
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Alano could not believe who he saw as the figure was stepping down from the stair-case
****Oh my *GOD*,see creature,omo na true talk Saka talk oo,she is nothing but an *Onyx**** Alano thought as he was staring at the figure coming down

“My baby,meet our new driver,Alano.Hope you like him?” The chief said to wizbel
Saying this wizbel gave Alano an awkward look which makes the chief to ask her..

“Wizbel,do you know him before?” The chief asked

“absolutely yes!!” wizbel replied making alano looking gentle on standing
“Where do you know each other” the chief asked as he was focusing on the next thing he would hear from the two parties on standing

“Dad,do you remember the day i came late to the house explaing to you that one guy saved me by repairing my car” Wizbel said trying to demonstrate with her fingers

“Yes,i can remember” The chief said trying to remember

“You mean it’s Alano?” the chief asked him in confirmation trying to point to him
“Is that his name?” wizbel asked curiously

“Yea that my name” Alano said as he blushed

“So you’re the one that helped my daughter at night on that day?” The chief said trying to come closer to where alano was standing to give him a friendly punch

“It *GOD’s* Sir” Alano said in a respectful manner

“Ok that’s good of your,so park you luggages into your new room and come back so that we can eat together” the chief said as he was movng to his bar,Probably to have one or two cups of *Baron*

“Dad,maybe i should give him an helping hand with the loads” Wizbel said to his dad
“Absolutely No,why would you? Let him do that by himself coz he’s a man” Chief snapped at her raising his eyebrows

“No need of that sister wizbel i will go through it” Alano said that in a joking way

**The chief and his daughter laughed on hearing Alano saying Sister wizbel***

“You funny oo,you calling my daughter sister,don’t you know you are older than her even with the mere look”
The chief jokingly corrected

[/B] “Ok sir, Wizzzzyyyybbbeell”[/B] he said that again stretching the name and all of them laughed

“Ok wizbel help him with his load” The chief said

“Ok daddy” Wizbel did that hurriedly
On getting to his newly furnished room,alano became suprised,seeing what was put in there

**Shuuu,see house,boys quarter for that matter,this sef fine pass some other Four bedroom flat*** He thought while putting down his load

“Hey,Big Head,won’t your come to collect you bag from me” Wizbel said jokingly

“Oh i’m sorry” Alano said as he wad trying to put that the load from her head

“Ohrrr,no prob” Wizbel gave that sound while twisting her head showing that the load is too heavy.

**See Ajebo-pikin,how heavy is this load that she’s now twisting her head**

“Thank you”
Alano said expecting wizbel to move out from the room
“Ok ok ok” wizbel said
Buh as she was moving out she looked back at alano and utter a word which was unclear to alano

“You’re the most handsome guy i have ever met” Wizbel said that in a low tempo voice

“Sorry,what do you say?” Alano said trying to figure out what he heard

“No i’m just greeting you” wizbel lied as she went through the door,again looked back and she blinked her eye at Alano saying *you’re cute*

***what could she mean,what is she trying to pass across to me,I think i heard her saying Your are the most…..what is trying to say*****Alano thought as she watched her going out
Through-out the day Alano was busy putting things in place
Throughout the first two weeks of Alano’s stay,every one loves him,they have been so close tha one will think he has been in chief’s house for the past ten years or more,but he knows his boundary( hope you know what i meant by saying that)

The next morning he was woken up by chief’s call from the home telephone

*****Home Telephone rings***

hello Alano, are you up from bed

Alano:- **even if i’m not up will i say No** Alano thought,{you know all those kind of question that your Oga will ask you and you won’t have any choice than to answer}and said “i’m up sir’

ok,come to the dining and let have our breakfast before going out because you are driving me out for a conference meeting ok?

Alano:- yes sir {he said as he ran out side to wash the chief’s Range-Rover Sport because he knew that is chief’s favourite when he want to go out for an official gathering
<hangs up>

While washing the car he saw the baba gateman coming to his direction

“Good Morning papa” alano greeted
“How are you our newly acquired driver” The baba hailed while he was brushing his teeth with the local brush called *Pako*

“I’m fine baba” Alano responded

‘Good job,face your work ehn?” Baba said

“Yes sir” Alano replied as he was scrubbing the tyre

After 15minutes of washing,he hurriedly went to the dining room to meet chief and his daughter who were already eating

“Why did you came late since when i have called you?” the chief asked

“I’m sorry sir” Alano said
“Ok sit down” Chief said

“Sir?” Alano could not believe his hears

“I say sit down let eat together,serve him wizbel” Chief cuts in

****chai,people dey enjoy ooo,see wetin this girl wan serve me*** alano thought as he sat down opposite to Wizbel and they continued eating

“Alano,hope you enjoyed the meal” Wizbel asked giving him a caring look

“Yea,wizbel,i like it” Alano said commentarily

“I cooked it myself” She said again

“Wow really,,that’s nice,i love that,you not like those ajebo girls that canot even boil indomie talkless of cooking fresh food like this” Alano commented with the chicken’s lap hanging in his mouth

********They all laughed*******

“Wizbel you not serious,you did not ask your father that is the food delicious,you asking Alano abi?”

“Ohr daddy,you’re our papa now,although i know you thought her how to cook”
alano said and all of them laughed together

As soon as they finished eating,the chief’s phone rang and from the conversation between the chief and the caller,one can tell that the guy is probably Wizbel’s fiancee

“Dad,who is that?” Wizbel asked angrily

“Who could it be if not my friend’s son *Raphy*, your fiancee” the chief asked answering

As soon as wizbel heard that name,she left the dining room and angrily went out to her room…..

***so saka was right by saying the chief want his daughter to marry a rich guy*** Alano thought ……..


Vocabulary Meanings:-
A precious stone used in the olden days

*Baron*:- Alcoholic wine

*Pako*:- A local toothbrush gotten from certain trees in the southern part of Nigerian {particularly in yoruba land}

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