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Must Read: Marvel - Season 1 - Episode 1
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The cold weather was mixed with some sign of flashing across the sky as the barking of the hungry and scared dog blanketed the whole atmosphere .

The leaves spread their hands, welcoming the touch of the cool breeze rumbling over them,
As Mr Smith drive with full speed down the express road .

It was about 9 : 30pm in the night, the road was actually car and bus free , beside him was his lovely wife Mrs Sandra Smith and their baby marvel, a boy of nine month old.

“horny, don’t you think we should just pack at the nearest village and spend the night there, it’s getting too late at least there is nothing wrong if we get to your village tomorrow morning ” Sandra suggested
“don’t worry honey, we are almost there.. Just relax. Fearfully lady ” Smith replied with a mockery tune
“remember I told you I hate night journey, please just be quick ” Sandra stated with frown face

“OK madam, as Her Majesty wishes ” they both laugh out loud and they drive along.

Few minutes later, the weather became dark and lightning took total control of the atmosphere.
“honey, what’s going on “ Sandra asked with a scary voice
“I don’t just know, maybe it’s going to rain soon.. ”
“but the sky was very clear and calm few minutes ago, why did everything changed all of a sudden? ”
“calm down woman, this is my Area, I know how things work here, funny things happen most times, be calm all is well ”
Smith assured

They drive for few more miles and it started raining all of a sudden. Wind took total control of the environment, sound of thunder and lightning covered the whole ambience.

Immediately a loud and strong thunder fired the car right in Mr Smith’s position and he lost total control of the wheel. The car somersaulted and it landed with full force.

Mr and Mrs Smith gave up the ghost immediately Leaving the poor boy who fell off the car into a highly bushy area but he was unharmed.
Immediately the weather became cool and calm ,and cool breeze took total control of the environment

The boy began to cry while he walked down to the car shouting ” Mummy ” in a baby voice

All of a sudden, an old lady came out of the bush and she pick up the boy and she walked for a few miles away from the scene down to the nearest village. Until she saw an old farmer who sat alone on a wooden bench .

She walks straight to him and she handover the boy to him
“your house is blessed, for you have received a mighty visitor, be careful with the boy and never reveal his real identity to anyone including himself ” then she walked away
the old farmer was just wondering what was going on as everything came like a surprise to him .

Few minutes later Marita appeared to the scene with two of his soldiers , they look around for the boy, but he was no where to be found, this got Marita upset and she screamed out loud!!
“be calm my lady! The boy might have been crushed to death by the car ” one of his solder suggested
“shut up!! You idiot, if he was crushed, won’t you have seen a trace of his body? Fool” Marita replied angrily
” if the boy feel into the forest, he might have served as a dinner to the night wolf..hahahaha!” the second soldier mockingly suggested
“you fools, don’t you know how powerful he is?.. Do you think am joking? ”
“you mean as powerful as to defeat a wild wolf? ”
the one on full red gown quarried
“just shut up and listen, none of us will rest until the boy is found dead.. We will search everywhere until he is dead,.. Am sending everyone of you out there until you get him.. Now get going ” she ordered and
They all disappeared aftermath
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