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Must Read: Marvel - Season 1 - Episode 4
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He struggled and he forcefully tried to dragged himself out of his head but all went to no avail,
“let go of me..” He screamed

“shhhhhhhh! Be quiet! what are you doing here in this forest at this kind time? “ a skinny looking man with unkempt beards who was fully dressed on a hunting clothes asked
“nothing sir I just came to ease myself ” marvel explained..

“OK! Where do you stay? ”
” Williams Street sir .. Mr Wilson is my grandpa ”

“OK! It’s getting too late, you should get going now ”
the old hunter warned

“OK!.. He turned and started walking out of the forest, then he halt immediately.

“sir! Please can I ask you a question? ”

“have you ever seen a mouse or rat who talk like human? ”

“no.. Rats don’t talk like humans.. They only make some sound ”

“OK!.. Thank you sir.. Goodnight “
he said and he calmly walk out of the forest.

The next morning, he heard someone tapped him
“wake up, it’s your first day at school ”
“get up boy, get yourself ready for school.. My next visit here might be with wood”
Mr Wilson warned as he walked out of marvel’s room.

Few seconds later, he forcefully dragged himself up and he walked down to the shower.

After bathing, Mr Wilson appeared with a school uniform.

“put this on, the bus will be here any moment from now ”

After some minutes, marvel was fully prepared, he took his breakfast and he walked out waiting for the school bus.

Without much time wasting the school bus appeared and he hooped in .

Many strange and unfriendly eyes ran over him as he walked in to sit on an empty space besides a little girl of around nine years old. Fear beam all over him as he noticed different unwelcome faces watching over him. But he didn’t stop moving, suddenly one of the boys set his foot on his way ,he mistakenly ran into it and he fell down beside the girl as everyone laughed and mocked him ..

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