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Must Read: Marvel - Season 1 - Episode 5
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The atmosphere was mixed with air rush as the bus drive along the highway with high speed, the wind hurled all over him as he lay on the floor.

“here you go ” a Chubby looking boy offered marvel his hand.

Marvel looked at him for a while before he held his hand and the boy helped him up.
“thanks” marvel replied

“it’s okay…. First time in school? ” the chubby boy asked while he adjust for him to sit

“yes! ” he replied and he dust off the stain on his cloth.

“am Sam, but they call me lazy swine ” Sam announced to him

“lazy swine?… Why that funny name? ”
“it was because am fat and I love eating ”
“that’s funny actually, am marvel ”
“nice name, hope you won’t mind if I call you Marv? ”
“sure! ”

As the conversation was going on, the bus entered a big compound filled with students and it stopped.

“alright guys.. Till tomorrow “ the driver announced while everyone hooped down from the bus and
head to their different Classes.

marvel walked alongside Sam down the hall , a lady who was fully dressed on a black suit quickly obstruct them.

“are you marvel Wilson? ” she asked
“yes I am! ”

“follow me..”
she started walking away immediately she conclude her words
Marvel calmly followed her until they got to her office.

“sit down ” she ordered

“Mr Wilson should have been here with you, but he was here earlier due to his health issue.. But since you are here already, there won’t be much to discuss.. We’ve already registered you as our student . Immediately after this conversation, I will lead you to your class ”

she stood up and pick some file from her desk.
“shall we? ” the lady request by indicating with her left hand.

“sure! ”

Marvel calmly follow her while she began to pick her way down to the hall. They walked for few minutes until she finally enter a classroom.
“excuse me Mr Wright. ”
she said and walked pass a skinny looking man with bald head.

“good morning class, marvel here is our new student . From now on, he will be part of you guys, Please you all know he is new among us, please try and make him feel at home.. Thanks .. ” she turned facing marvel
“go get yourself a space over there “ she pointed at an empty locker.

“thank you mr Wright. “ she said and walked out of the class .

Marvel walked straight down to his locker and he sat quietly as he listen to the teacher.

“It’s nearly impossible to go through a day without the use of communication. different school of thoughts and philosophers have came up with different definitions of communication, but the simplest one of them all is” he paused and write something on the board

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