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Must Read: Memoirs Of Dying And Living
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Chido winched, then pushed the garage door connecting the side of the kitchen outwards to expose a smaller garage than the one he previously had seen.

Blacksoul was tied up good, his body covered with all kinds of beatmarks, serious looking injuries making their way all over his body like angry train tracks. Ben and Boneface were at the forefront of the beating. Chido noticed Cynthia to his right and she walked over to him immediately she saw him. Hugging him tight and then kissing him full on the lips.

“Did u get flashray?”
Chido asked.

“Yes” replied Cynthia. “By the time we ran him down. He was already hurt. That dynamite Boneface threw did more damage that anything could. We questioned him well and he told us a lot of things. From flashray I think I know where next Ibinabo would be”.

Chido asked “why did u not bring him here?” She replied “by the time we got him. His car was packed in a ditch.

He was weak from blood loss”.
She continued, immediately he saw me he just grimaced and said, “so ibinabo sold us out.
After all we had done for him. Well u wont have the pleasure of being the person to finish me.

I am already done for but I will tell u what u want to hear so that u can pay that Bastard back for what he did to us”.

Cynthia continued “he told me a lot of things. I have dates, names, addresses, places. If we sort thru the information we should be able to locate Ibinabo”.

“Very good” replied Chido. Then on second thought he asked “What happened then?” Cynthia replied “he told me he won’t apologise for what he had to do as regards my cousin and then he asked me to end his pain.

I gutted him in the chest till he stopped moving, I haven’t seen so much blood pump from someone. I will have nightmares about it for a long time”.

Chido bend his head sadly, shook it briefly and walked away making his way upstairs to his room. He stayed there till Cynthia came to call him telling him that he needed to come to the sitting room upstairs.

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