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Must Read: My Name Is Miracle (18+)
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All things work together for good to those who love the lord(am in love with the lord). That sunday evening after comming back from the betting shop a knock sounded on my door: ”Who is that?” , i asked not expecting anyone

“Open the door joor”, Faith unmistakeable voice hit me.

“i thought we are now official enemies”, i taunted after opening the door for her.
She laughed it off and we decided to kiss and make up(not literally), we were just some hours gone in enemity and i was already damnly missing her.

“Dress Up we are going out”, she commanded still laying on my bed.

without thinking i immediately went unclad save my boxers, minutes later i was dried up from the bath i just took as she selected my outfit describeable with one word “PartyTime” ( lol two words).

we left the house after telling my other sisters that we are heading to a birthday sunday evening passes in Suleja without a birthday party or casual grooving happeni ng. our location was to be Mac Hotels and Suites. Straight up we boarded same bike and soon arrived at a moderate sized hotel.

Funny enough i met a line(a very long line) filled with underage(who are to be screened before going in), you cant dare see such queue in front of a church, the devil really get small power sha.

Back to the matter, i told Faith am not joining any fvvking line just to attend a party, moreover am still gonna spend my money in there.

i grabbed her hands and went towards the gate, the mean face of the SARS(yea the sars we all know) almost made me change my mind but i never relented and walked pass them.

“Hey you, Where you think say u dey go”, one of them asked heading to me with a very long and thick stick.

“am going in to spend a good time with my girl”, i calmly answered.

I lied and denied Faith like the way Father Abraham denied Sarah calling her his sister.The man looked at me profusely after satisfying himself he asked me to go in.

the party started real soon and was going well untill some so called cultist came bursting in.

“Kowa dah Kowa ku wawa ne” (all of you are fools), one of them chanted bursting a bottle on the floor and just like that the bunch of fools started fighting. Funny enough the SARS people werent in any way interested in what was happening. daggers came up from hidden places and Cutlasses came up from trousers and bags.

“Lets get out from here”, Faith Suggested aand led me through the back exits, she was with her friend(Mary) and his guy(Peter) so the four of us located the vip spot and left the madcows to kill theirselves.she introduced me as her boyfriend to which i didnt oppose thinking she was paying me back for earlier.

we went high after rolling some bottles(3 bottles each with maximum amount of peppersoup and meat). after confirming that the fracas by the madcows were over we stood up in bid of heading home. 2 cows died and others arrested by the never disappointing Sars who were already torturing them. we had to follow the vip exit and headed home but that was after i had secretly given Mary my phone to input her digits, i loved the shape of her butt0ckz and will surely do justice to it.

Minutes past 9pm we were back home and minutes past 10pm i put a call over to Mary.(No butt0ckz for waste)

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