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Must Read: My Name Is Miracle (18+)
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“why is your voice sounding somehow, or u just finished a S£x section with your guy abi”, i teased.

“you are high, definetly still drunk”, she replied amidst laughter.

We chatted a lil bit and i promised to come visit her the next day. That night was cold and as usual Faith made me warm with her cuddle.

Morning came swiftly and i almost forgot i had an appointment but was reminded by the alarm reminding me i had plans to visit Mary. Soon enough i was already looking set to roll,time check 10:am.

“Mimi Good morning, Pls you will assist me prepare for my forthcoming Waec Examination. Tis in 2 weeks time.”

“olryt but that will start later”,
i replied Faith. She was already with a her big school bag.

She wasn’t pleased but i was able to wriggle my way out without telling her i was enroute to her friend’s house.

Mary had texted her address to me and i paid a bikeman a reasonable amount cos i never knew the place. As i was heading to the street she described to me na so i pass one uncompleted building filled with area boys who were smoking all manners of things.

“i greet you all”, i protested a bit and kept walking.

“hey you come back”, an India hemp afflicted voice called out.

“me?”, i asked while looking back.

“no, na your papa i dey call, My friend come here”, he repeated..

I took time and observed the body features of the ignoramous who was calling but all i could see was a bag of bones waiting and hoping to be killed and destroyed.but una know say these kind people get strength in numbers. Na so i jejely waka go back.

“shey u bin they think weather to come back or not”, a much more skinner specie asked.
I let out a smile without replying, i located the sitting position of the guy likely to be the boss and walked up to him.

“chairman i hail you, please accept my levy for visiting your kaban”,
after saying that 3k was already well placed on his hands, he smiled without replying me and gave me his weed.

Lols, the guy think say i don dey into the business and as per say i no want disappoint na so i long drag for over 7 seconds , my brain almost knocked but as a son Of God i was saved.

Na so so hailing i receive as i managed to turn back and started walking away. Thank God for Mary who all this while had been watching what was going on all this while came holding me as i stylishly hold her waist and work towards her house. I was already high with my eyes on my forehead and she was there to help. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

To be continued

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