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Continues from the last scene of theprevious episode . .

to be hitched ? *shaky voice *

Amaka: didn’ t you promise to marry me ?

And its time for us to get married. .

Me: here ? , , now? ..

Amaka: hold my hand . .

I was just staring her so scared .. I reluctantly
held her hand and I found myself in the
water and amaka holding my hand .. so she
is a mermaid. .d – n .. am so dead.. we swam
to a golden house deep under the water
where some mermaids wearing same cloth
as amaka are already waiting for us though
doesn ’t have legs. .we finally enter the
house where I was hearing wierd songs ..the
house was full with golds , diamonds etc that
I can’ t stop staring.. dem rich for here oo..

suddenly an old woman using a golden staff
appeared at our front . .

Woman : who is this you ’ ve brought my daughter?

Amaka: this is my husband.. we want your
blessings ..

What blessing ?. .a mermaid’ s blessings ?. .

[/B] Woman :[/B] this is not a right man for you my daughter, , don’ t be blinded by love . .

Amaka: what ? .. I really love him mother. .

I can’t even do without him. .

Woman : alright if you insist ..
I was just staring at them.. I have accepted
my fate ..the woman later blessed us ..I
woke up to see my whole body been wet
like I really swam in a sea . .is this a dream
or what ?. .oh God .. it can’ t be real ..I
muttered some prayers then later slept off
after thinking about the dream …. ” Praaah”

my alarm rang out.. I quickly stopped it .. I
went into the bathroom and have my
bath .. I later went to school after wearing
my uniform. .I entered my class to see them
pointing at me gossiping about something , , I
finally sat with my seatmate val . .

Me: guy wetin dey apun na ?

[/B] Val:[/B] dem talk say you and tina go marry
next month .. is it true?

Me: y . .es * i stammered *

Val: omo, , you wan marry the prettiest girl in the school ..

Me: na that man wey set the marriage up..

Val: who..

Me: my dad ..

Some students later demanded for truth
from me which I ofcourse told them. .after
the day lesson .. I dashed home not waiting
for val . .I entered the sitting room to see a
strange guy sipping from a glass cup sitting
on the couch with kudirat ..who the hell is
this? ..

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