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I have already pee to my pant as I staredat her not believing my eyes, , ” so tina sef no
be human !!”
I thought to myself. .

Tina: hi jason!!

I just can’ t reply as I was sweating profusely
staring at the girl I deflowered . .I finally
speaks trying to fight the fear that have
already taken control of my body ..

Me: why did you kill him??

Tina: he wanted to Molest me .. and besides he is planning to ambush you
tomorrow, , and I don’ t want my darling to
get hurt What ?, , darling .. no be say dis monster wey call hersef tina don mad sha. .

Tina: come closer baby , , am so h —y , , can’ t wait to sU-Ck you * she began coming closer *

My heart skipped many beats , , I thought am
going to have an heart attack , , if she is h —
y , , is my d– k the honey she go dey
lick .. make she forget am not bleeping ..I was
just stylishly walking to the door coz
remembering how she flogged me in my
dream, I ’ v already made up my mind to

Me: I have to do my assignment tina , , see
you tomorrow tina.. *standing behind the
door *

I grabbed the door handle and was about
opening it when I realise I can’ t move my
hand again ..I tried countless time but all
my effort was just in vain. .

Tina: where did you think you are going?
I have already pee to my pant once
again. .she began walking towards me with
her big b0s0m bouncing up and down while I
did nothing but pray in my mind .. this girl is
really dangerous. .she finally got where I was
shaking in fear , , she removed my glued

hand from the door handle then pushed
me towards the bed. .she point her finger to
me and I found myself Unclad. .this girl is
surely powerful ..we began sexing , , we went
few rounds as I didn’ t enjoy the s – x
atall clothes found there way back to
my body while tina was just smiling. .

Tina: I really love you jason..

Love weytin ?? . .me wey dey look 4 excuse to

Me: I l .. o.. ve you too * i lied as to make her release me *

We began chatting .. chatting with fear . .I
stylishly played my ringtone on my music
player and later stopped it pressing my
phone to my ear pretending I received a

Me: hello val ..
Me: you at my house ??
Me: what ?? , , I ’ll be right there ..
*i put my phone in my pocket *

Tina: what ’ s wrong?

Me: val said his dad is really sick right
now, , I have to check how he is doing ..

Tina: really ? I thought you are going to stay with me all day. .

With you?? . .lailai ?? ..

Me: am sorry tina, , I ’ ll call you later . .*i
pecked the stupid monster *

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