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Kudirat : you never asked where I camefrom, , you did not really care about that ..

What is she saying ?? , , what did I ask?? . .

Me: what did you me . .an * i stammered

Kudirat : my father is the head of my village herbalist that ’ s why I possesses such
power. .

Me: what ? How did you know about tina
then ?

Kudirat : when you promised to be with
me , I have already connected our heart
together , , I ’ ll know when you are in danger..
Chaii .. if I overcome this my problems.. I ’ ll
make sure to pray before even having a
girlfriend.. my life is really complicated .. I just
kept muted as I don’ t know what to
say.. she finally stood up. .

Kudirat : look , am sorry I didn ’ t tell you
earlier, , am so sorry.. am just so scared I ’ ll
lose you to another girl if I tell you.

Me: I need fresh air..

I stormed out of my room and head
downstairs.. I sat on the couch thinking
about everything. .val has also been
captured by those devil.. girls are really
dangerous..I now believe the saying “ all
glitters are not gold” . .
I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder. .I know its kudirat for
sure..she finally speaks ..

Kudirat : am really sorry love . .

Not that am really angry but kinda scared
she will also be a threat to me . .she later sat
beside me squeezing my hand . .

Kudirat : I have already vow to keep loving
you even if you don’ t love back . .you know
how much I loved you , , I ’ ll die without
seeing you for a day .. am not like them

(amaka and tina ).. I promise I won ’t let
them hurt you again .. please for ..g …*our
head collided *

This girl sure knows how to calm someone
down .. we were still kissing when knocks
landed on the door . .we quickly broke off ..

Me: come in .. *i nearly shouted *
I was so suprised to see my dad.. its been
so long. .I stood up and ran to hug him..

Dad: that ’s my boy. .*we broke off *
I collected the bag he was holding after he
greeted kudirat and was about walking away
when he called me back . .

Dad: I want to tell you something jason..

Me: what ?

Dad: come in *he called someone*
Entering the house was amaka in an
orange – white gown. .what is this mermaid
doing here . .

Dad: its been so long that your mum
died, , and you might have been wondering
where I was sleeping.. am sorry but I have
to do this for your sake ..

What is he saying ?? .. abi ??

Dad: this is your stepmother . .your private tutor .. she is now your stepmother ..

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