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Kudirat : what did you mean .. he is myboyfriend afterall ..

Tina: he is also my boyfriend. .

Amaka: and my husband..

I was just staring at three of them as they
were argueing . .chaii . .see my life ..they
began fighting ..

Amaka: wait!! * they all stopped *. .we
shouldn’ t be fighting when who caused all
this is him *she pointed at me *…

Tina: what should we do with him..

Amaka: let ’ s just kill him, , and everything will be settled. .

What ???…I was about running out when I
realise none of my body part was
responding.. chaii .. they have now joined
their powers making it hard for me to
breathe..I fell to my kneel and suddenly I
felt something on my lip like a finger ..I
hurriedly woke up to see kudirat beside
me .. its morning already ?? .. so its a
dream. .thank God its a dream. .kudirat
attempted to touch me but I quickly evaded
her touch. .

Kudirat : what ’ s wrong??

I was just staring at her not saying
anything ..

Kudirat : I already told you I won ’t hurt
you. .you have to believe me jason…

She held my hand and kissed my forehead..

Kudirat : am going to market now .. I ’ll be right back . .and make sure you stay away
from her (amaka ) * she left*
I checked my time to see
10:31 am . .what ?? ..I slept so long ?. .chaii . .I
yawned then went down from the bed. .I
wore my knicker bocker plus a black
top.. today is saturday. .I really hate

About 10 minutes later .. I went downstairs.. I think dad has gone to work .. I sat on the couch in the sitting room with my lemon

juice on the glass table before me .. I was
sipping it while chatting on my phone .. I
suddenly felt a soft touch on my shoulder. .I
thought it was kudirat’ s .. I turned my face
back to see amaka ..

Amaka: goodmorning honey. .

I quickly clear her hand away . .I stood up
heading upstairs when she held me back ..

Amaka: you can’ t just walk away from
me .. besides I ’v missed your kiss * she
calmly said *

She made to kiss me when I pushed her
away ..

Me: what have you done to my dad??

Amaka: *she smiled * just a little thing that will clear your mother’ s love in his heart
and replaced it with mine ..I did that
because I wanted to be seeing you
everyday.. please understand me . .I really
love you jason. .

Me: love you said . .you really an evil . .
I was about walking away when I began
feeling a great pain in my stomach . .

Amaka: I told you to never walk away like
that from me ..

Her eyes have changed to complete
black ..she later stopped when her phone
rang…. I was just kneeling on the floor
holding my stomach and breathing
heavily.. ” I ’ ll be expecting you in my room
she said and let out a devilish
smile..she ignored the call then went
upstairs. .ah don die finally . .chaii …

To be continued

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