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In no time I have already stripped myself Unclad and later tie a white cloth..the man then gave me the already prepared sacrifices in a two calabash…I carried one in my left hand and the other in my right hand..we stepped out of the room and I was suprise to see lola sleeping like she was hit by a truck.. ”Stupid girl” [/B] I said in my mind..we later exited the house now starts the dangerous journey..we walked while the man kept calling incantations.

After 20minutes..

After 20minutes of walking,,we finally got to one big iroko tree..

Lola’s dad: put the one in your left down..

I quickly put it down and the man continue calling his incantations..nothing happened..all I can hear is a voice crying at a long distance..

Lola’s dad: congratulation young man..its accepted..but the tree monster’s queen really loves you..I can hear her cries..

I really pitied the thing but weytin concern me..make she go love her kind..she dey mad..the sacrificial calabash I putted down suddenly dissapear and I can’t deny how shocked I was..

Lola’s dad: let’s go to the river now..your problem is even easier than I thought *he giggled and patted my back*

I was smiling all myself as I walked with kudirat while the man was calling incantations walking faster than did he memorize all those incantations sef..chaii..a hand made it way to my shoulder,,I smiled immediately I realise it was kudirat’s..

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