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Me: what’s up?

Kudirat: what will you do after this ends?

Me: what did you mean?
She slapped my shoulder..

Kudirat: don’t tell me you have no thought of marrying me..

Me: *smiled* but it will be too early...

Kudirat: early for you but not for me..besides I already have your baby in my womb..

Me: hmmm..using that against me?
We both laughed and continue gisting until the man motioned to us to stop..we immediately stopped walking..

Lola’s dad: I thought I heard another footstep apart from yours..

Kudirat: you mean following us?

Lola’s dad: kind of..

Me: you must be mistaken,,at this hour,,who will follow us..*i smiled*

Lola’s dad: I must be..let’s go *he ordered*

We continued walking until we finally got to a very big river..the river was very big that it kept winking at us..I felt like jumping inside..

Lola’s dad: this is the sacred water of this town..orunmila created it millenium ago to heal all kinds of ailment or diseases..I think its the best place we chase away the mermaid..
He started calling incantations while my heart was beating hard and fast..I was even shaking..he later asked me to put the calabash down beside the river and I did so whole body was still shaking as the man kept calling his incantations..kudirat held my hand as she notice this.. ”All we be better” she whispered..about 2mins later..the man was still singing and calling incantations..weytin weytin you go do faa… ”Dad” we heard lola’s voice and all looked back..what is this b—h doing her?

Lola’s dad: what are you doing here lola,,quickly go back home..

Lola: I can’t dad,,I can’t live an hour without seeing him,,I was scared something bad might have happened to him..*she ran and hugged me*

Lola’s dad: “eewo” he shouted..quickly get off him lola..
I quickly pushed her away..

Me: what’s wrong with you lola?

Lola: you are the cause of my problem..I can’t stop loving you..all you have to say is yes and I’ll leave..

Lola’s dad: please youngman,,say yes,,we have no time..

I looked at kudirat who immediately faced down in agreement..

Me: y..e..(Interrupted)

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