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A strange thunder came from the sky and slashed the calabash into two..what the heck..I watched as lola’s dad held his neck and the staff he was holding fell from his hand.. ”Get out of here” he managed to say then fell down,,is he dead??..just like that.. ”Dad” lola screamed..

Kudirat: let’s go now lola,,unless you wish to join him..

We all ran home..lola and kudirat were crying while I was thinking of how the man died because of me..

Lola: I killed him,,I killed my dad *she sobbed*

Kudirat calmed her down while I just felt like smashing her head or shoot her,,make she just die sha..later in the day..the rest herbalist buried the man beside the river.. ”he is the man to die first beside the merciful river” people rumoured..I and kudirat later get dressed ready to go back home..lola insisted she will follow dad will surely kill me if he knows this..we have no choice than to bring her along..

I was just thinking of how ruined my life finally become..on getting home..we went inside with our luggages..I knocked the sitting room door but no response so I pushed the door open and to my suprise amaka was sitting comfortably on the couch probably waiting for us..

Amaka: welcome jason *she stand immediately*

Kudirat: what are you b—h still doing here?

Amaka: waiting for your return,,you dare plan to chase me dare plan to ruin the love between I and my husband..I’ll make sure to finish you off today..*referring to kuddy*
Her eyes turned black again..kuddy quickly draw a bracelet from her bag but before she could use it..she has found her self groaining on the floor after hitting her back with the wall as a result of amaka great power..

Amaka: you think you can fight me??*chuckled*

Kudirat: lola run *she managed to say*
I was just trembling in fear as I watched lola kneeled to amaka who was standing like a goddess..

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