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Added: Aug 13, 2017
Poster: ib4real

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Amaka:’ve done your can now go..

So lola is also a mermaid..she was even sent by amaka..lola later fear I stared at kuddy and can see blood dripping down her leg..I was about going to kuddy when amaka commanded me to stop and I also stopped..she walked to me and gave me a very rough slap that my head kept ringing bells..

Amaka: I loved you with my whole heart..jason..did you really felt nothing for me? *tears trickled down her eyes*..

Jason: am sorry,I felt nothing *i boldly replied*

“Then you shall die” she shouted and was about attacking when we heard stopped..I looked back to see that woman in white celestial garment from before(ep 13) that saved me from eric and his gang..

Woman: I told you to this why God directed me here..and its you again young man*referring to me*

Amaka: want to die with him?

The woman started quoting bible..I was so impressed..she later pointed the bible at amaka and she screamed claiming she is on fire.. ”We are going together” she shouted and pointed her finger to me..I found myself flying on the sky until I finally hit my head with the wall..amaka then vanish into thin air..the woman rushed to me as I’v already landed on the floor..I watched from afar as kudirat was gradually closing her eyes as a result of heavy blood loss..the pain I was feeling became worse and my eyes began force closing..I thought I would made it..I thought I would survive,but I was wrong,I also did not wish kudirat this kind of fate..God forgive me..

“Let’s go together kudirat” I finally said and everything went blank


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Oct 24, 2017
Mumu ending...who's narrating the story then? but i still love the storyline
Oct 30, 2017
nice write up bro. You realy do well by conveying all this ideals to make a perfect story. Bt devil like u oo ur whole life na so so demons cunt u dey chop?....... Funny. Anyway i foound myself loving your story, keep it flowing
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