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Must Read: Poetic Heart - Season 1 - Episode 3
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We exchanged numbers, and from then on hung out during lessons as prospective good friends.
Two days after we had taken the exam, I got a
call from him. He sounded really depressed. I asked him what the problem was, and he said it wasn’t something that could be discussed on the phone. We arranged to meet the next day at the restaurant closest to my place.

I really didn’t think anything about it that night, just waved it off as post-jamb stress.

He looked pretty normal the next day even though he acted more courteous than usual. “Thanks for seeing me.” He said as soon as I plunked down on the chair directly opposite him.

Like I had an option. “It’s nothing. What’s the problem?”

He was unusually calm, “How about we order something first?”

By then, I had already guessed our meeting had nothing to do with what I had first assumed it was. “I’m fine. Just ate lunch.”


“Urm, Yoghurt would do.”

He stood up and walked to the counter, when he returned, he abandoned his former position, lifting his seat and placing it about 5cm away from where I sat.

I smiled, and added an extra 5cm between us.
“Are you okay?”

“Yes, I just…you know…like my space.”

“Can I see your hand?”

“Why? Are you a palm reader or something?”

He laughed, and gently placed my hands in his. Kneading them in turns, he looked at me. “Your hands are icy.”

“And so is my heart.”

He didn’t react. Just stared me right in the eyes and whispered, “I’m falling in love with you.”

As much as I hate to admit, I did blush. Prior to that, I had no experience in that matter whatsoever and so the day ended with me promising to get back to him with an answer, and with him hoping it’d be affirmative.

When I did get back to him, my answer wasn’t
what he had hoped for.

He seemed to take it quite well, his only request was that we get to see one last time, in his words, “See for the last time, what I’d be losing to the lucky guy.”

As you already know, it wasn’t for the last time, but boy, did he come prepared.

Backed up with crying, was the mother of all Story that Touch, he showed me the scars of his last suicide attempt. Last, because according to him, he had attempted it twice. First was for the father that never cared, and the second was for the ex-girlfriend who ripped both half of his heart, and both of his pockets. Now, there was going to be a third, and this time…he assured me, was going to be successful. He had prepared a suicide note, and my name was boldly written on it.

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