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Must Read: Soul in Tears  - Season 1 - Episode 1
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Maame Adwoa smiled happily at his son who was busily packing his things for school.

The young man was very proud of his mother for how far she had brought him in his education. His mind went back to the days when they couldn’t afford a square meal for a day. Though things are still hard, it wasn’t like in the past.

Maame Adwoa cleared her throat loud to interrupt Kwadjo Boateng’s thought. ‘mum you are here’ Kwadjo Boateng said when he turned to face the mother. ‘mum, you are the best mother in the world’ he said with a broad smile on his cheeks. ‘why do you say so my dearest child?’ she inquired though she knew what her son was driving at. ‘for all the wonderful things you have done to bring me this far.

The hardships, the pain, etc. I love you mum’
The young man was very appreciative of his mother. ‘oh Boateng’ Maame Adwoa hugged her son. Kwadjo Boateng went back to what he was doing before his mother interrupted him. Unfortunately, he found a letter which needed his father’s signature.

His mood changed. The happiness vanished from his memory.

Maame Adwoa who was looking closely at her son, noticed the sudden change in mood of her son. She tried to find out what was eaten the young man up. Kwadjo Boateng knew bringing up the topic of the whereabout of his father would changed their mood for the whole day.

He tried as hard as he could to let his mother know he was fine but the woman was not convinced and probed further to find out.

Kwadjo couldn’t take the heat and voiced out his fears. ‘mum, I am no more a child.

I have every right to know the whereabout of my father’
The young man knew the consequences and therefore felt very sorry for his utterance.

Maame Adwoa burst into tears. Kwadjo Boateng apologised to his mother for asking about his father. ‘don’t feel sorry my son. You have every right to know about your father’ she said still in tears. Kwadjo left his mother and went back to the packing. When he was through, he went to sit beside the mother. Maame Adwoa advised him on issues concerning womanizing, smoking, bad company, etc. ‘my son, it’s your first day in the university. Don’t forget what I do to cloth, feed and pay your school fees and other bills. Be the good boy I have always known you to be’ she said to her son.

Kwadjo Boateng was very disappointed in her mother for not talking about the issue he brought up earlier. He boarded a taxi and his mother bid him farewell before the driver drove off. In the cab, he kept wondering why his mother always cry when the issue of his father was raised. He tried hard to figure out what the problem could be but couldn’t lay a finger on anything.

Though determined to study to become the gentleman his mother wants him to be, he was also poised to finding out who his father was. His mother had never talked about his father to him and that alone makes him more curious to know what his mother was hiding from him.

Maame Adwoa went through her things and brought out an old picture of a man she only knew who he was. In tears, she sat at the edge of her bed and wept bitterly. she remembered all the pain and rejection she went through when she became pregnant. ‘Oh Kwabena, have you seen the heart ache you have caused me?.

How do I start my story. where should I even start it. I promise you will suffer where ever you are. The heavens will keep raining hardship on you where ever you are’
She cursed with bitterness. She went to hide the photo and prayed she would get the courage to tell her son everything about his father.

Kwadjo Boateng was dropped infront of his hall of residence at the University Of Ghana, Legon.
He breathed deeply and said softly.

‘God please help me overcome my fears… The story has just begun..

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