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Must Read: Soul in Tears  - Season 1 - Episode 12
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‘Mummy…mummy…mummy’ Kwadjo Boateng tapped his mother who was asleep in the only sofa they had in the hall. Maame Adwoa woke up abruptly. ‘Jesus!’ she shouted. The young man got frozen at his mother’s behavior.

‘mummy, what is the matter. Are you fine’ he knelt down in front of his mother with concern.

The shock on Maame Adwoa’s face got his son very worried. He asked her over and over again to know what was wrong but she kept silent. She tried to give meaning to the dream she had before uttering anything.

‘my son, I had a terrible dream. It was about you and your father. My son, I want you to let go of any grudge you have against your father. What he did is very bad but please try your possible best to forgive him’… The meaning she gave to the dream was that her son had hard feelings against his father. She didn’t disclose the dream to her son. Kwadjo Boateng sat down quietly with his head bent down.

He imagined what the dream was about. He probably had a fight with his father and that was exactly what he would do, should he meet his father one on one.

‘Don’t worry mummy, I have forgiven him’ he told his mother but deep within, he had an intention of confronting the man who had made his mother suffered so much. ‘thank you so much for being a wonderful son’
Maame Adwoa told the young man who was sitting next to her. ‘mummy, please it’s late. You have to go and rest’… ‘don’t worry my dear, I will’ she said, stood up and entered the chamber.

Kwadjo Boateng switched on the television to watch the late news. He just stared at the graphics on the TV screen but his mind was on something else. Clara clouded his mind.

The more he thought of Clara, the more he felt resentment towards his father. Had it not been for his father’s rejection, they would be living in a good home and living a good life as well. He thought of the situation till sleep got hold of him in the sofa.

Clara was lying on her bed trying hard to sleep but as hard as she tried, sleep seemed to go farther from her. Her mind was occupied with the young man who had refused to pick her calls or call her back. Since the young man left the house on the day they vacated from school, she had not heard from him and that was killing her softly. Someone knocked at her door and and she was surprised who it could be at that hour of the night. She opened the door and it was her mother.

‘girl, are you still awake?’ Mrs Benson asked with a confused face.

‘I was reading a novel’… Her mother was not convinced with her daughter’s answer and probed further to know what had kept her awake.

‘Mummy, since when did you started to care about me. You care more about your business more than me…’ her voice failed her. Tears dropped from her cheeks. ‘I am very sorry my love’… Mrs Benson got closer and hugged her daughter. ‘You are right my dear, but without money, we can’t run this home. That is why your father and I are always busy. We really love and care about you’ she disclosed. Clara’s tears flowed freely. She wasn’t crying because of what her mother said but because of the love that was boiling in her heart for Kwadjo Boateng. Mrs Benson cuddled the young lady to sleep and left her room very disappointed in herself as a mother. She knew her daughter was right. They hardly had time for her due to their business. They were so engrossed in their business’s to the extent that they don’t even blink at their daughter’s performance. She felt very bad that night.

Nicholas checked his phone’s screen for the tenth time. He was expecting a call from one of his colleagues who promised to find out where he could locate Kwadjo Boateng. Ever since he met the young man and gave him the prophecy about the doom that was about to hit him, he had not been himself. He had seen him several times in his dreams, involved in an accident. He felt the urge to meet him again and pray for him.

He had tried all means possible but he still couldn’t locate the young man. One of his colleagues promised to locate him when they were vacating. He had called the young man several times but all he asked for was time. He wondered if he would be able to locate him now that they were on vacation. He washed down and changed his attire. He went out with the intention of going to his pastor’s house to disclosed to him everything the Lord had revealed about Kwadjo Boateng to him…

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