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Must Read: Soul in Tears  - Season 1 - Episode 3
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Kwadjo Boateng ignored the young lady and continued walking. He was only minding his own business. ‘hello, are you not the gentleman I met at the lecture hall in the afternoon?’ The lady asked when Kwadjo Boateng bypassed her without saying anything. ‘yes… yeah… I…i…i am the one ‘ he answered and turned to face the young lady. It wasn’t that he was scared of talking to ladies but the beauty that met his eyes made him fumble. He had seen so many beautiful young ladies but the one that stood infront of him was extra ordinary.

She was five feet tall, fair in complexion.
Her hair was long and silky. She was like a Mexican lady. ‘I am awfully sorry for not letting you know I was leaving the hall. I didn’t want to disturb and also intrude on your privacy.
Anyway I am Clara Benson’
She said with a smile that sent thrills through the spine of the young man. She extended her hand for a handshake. Kwadjo extended his too and they shook hands. ‘are you not going to tell me your name?’ Clara asked still smiling. ‘oh, I am very sorry for my bad manners. I am Kwadjo Boateng. That is the name my mother gave me’ He said with a smile. Kwadjo told her he was tired and needed to rest.

They disclosed to each other their hall of residence and parted ways.

Kwadjo Boateng felt relieved for talking to the young lady. He wasn’t thinking anything evil.

He felt relieved for knowing that he was not the reason the lady left the hall without his notice.
He thought of her beauty and elegance.

He wished he had a sister like her. He entered his room and this time around, all his roommates were in the room. He greeted and put his bag on his bed and unbuttoned his shirt. ‘guys, I think we have to know each other this evening.
we have been in this room for a week and all we could do is greet because we were all trying to settle down’ one of the guy’s spoke.

The other two guys agreed with the first speaker. [B] ‘that isn’t bad an idea. At least it will help us acquaint to each other well’
Kwadjo Boateng said with delight. He had been on the campus for a week and the only person he usually spoke to on phone was his mother. His roommates always craw to bed late in the night given them no chance to know themselves. ‘I am Emmanuel Agyapong, You can call me by my surname. I am in the political science department. I am from Mfantsipim Senior High School’ first guy introduced himself. ‘Oh wow, cool school, crazy course’ one of the guy’s said with humour. ‘who told you political science is a crazy course.

The richest people today, makes their money from politics’
Agyapong tried to raise an argument. ‘Oh so you want to enter into politics because of money? my guy, you better come again. Some people through politics are changing lives and you are here talking about money, go back home and start robbery.

That will give you quick money’
the third guy tried to pull Agyapong’s legs. ‘you self ino be dondology you dey read. I beg comot for there’ Agyapong ridiculed.

The other two guy’s burst into uncontrollable laughter.

‘Guys.. guys, personally I think we are trying to deviate from the main discussion’… Kwadjo Boateng chided. ‘yes tell them’ one guy seconded him. ‘I am Kwadjo Boateng from Christian Methodist high school, I am in the school of performing art, learning some acting skills you know,’ Kwadjo Boateng disclosed. ‘I now know why you’ve got great looks.

The ladies will go wild when they see you on TV’
Agyapong said with all seriousness. ‘can the next person be allowed to introduce himself?’ Agyapong put his fourth finger on his lips as a sign of keeping quiet. The other guy’s giggled.

The third guy introduced himself as Kekeli David, an agric student and the fourth guy was Isaac Apoh, an engineering student. They made fun of each other when they were through with the introduction. They all freshened up and left the hall for a talk show which was organised by the Students Representative Council (SRC) to welcome all incoming students. Continuing students who were aspiring for posts in the SRC were given the platform to give the fresh students reasons they should be voted for the particular posts they were aspiring for.

During the meeting, Kwadjo Boateng busily scanned through the hundreds of students seated in the auditorium. He had only one reason…to catch a glimpse of Clara Benson but was disappointed. He couldn’t spot her in the room. The program ended and Kwadjo and his roommates exited from the auditorium.

‘Kwadjo Boateng…’ The voice that called him from behind was familiar.

It was the same person he was craving to see.
He turned and to his delight, It was Clara Benson. ‘catch you guys later’ he said to his roommates and attended to the young lady. ‘I thought you didn’t come. I scanned the whole auditorium to see if I can see you but all to no avail’ Kwadjo said without knowing where the words came from. Clara giggled. ‘Oh wow, that’s nice of you’ she said.

They talked and walked at the same time.

The young lady asked him if he had taken supper.
He answered negatively and Clara pointed at an eatery nearby. ‘I haven’t either. Let’s go there and have diner before leaving for our respective hostel’s.

The young man agreed but bit his lips secretly.
He imagined the place to be for rich students.
They entered and were served with their order.
The food was good but the young man didn’t really enjoyed it though he ate everything.

He calculated the cost of the food in his head and knew it would cost him a fortune. He knew one month feeding money will go that evening. Clara saw his uneasiness and asked him several times if he was okay. He answered positively.

Clara signaled to one of the waiters and she attended to them. She paid for everything. Kwadjo Boateng pretended not to be happy with her for paying the bills. He raised an argument about it.[B] ‘I am very sorry if I have offended you by paying the bills. I always do the payment whenever I go out with my friends. It has become part of me. You have to please accept that’ She said pleading but firmly.

They talked about a few encounters they have had so far in the school before Kwadjo escorted her to her hall…

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