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Must Read: Soul in Tears  - Season 1 - Episode 4
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Kwadjo Boateng’s phone rang when he was busy preparing for church service. It was Sunday and church was one place he never missed. He quickly attended to his phone. A broad smile found its way on his cheeks when he saw the caller to be his mother. ‘Hello angel’ he said with delight. ‘how are you doing in school?’ His mother asked him. ‘Mum, school is okay just that I am missing you dearly’ Kwadjo answered. ‘see you.
You better stop behaving like a child and focus on your studies’
Maame Adwoa advised.
Kwadjo Boateng giggled on the phone. ‘I will visit you in school today after church.

There is something I have to disclosed to you’
Maame Adwoa said with a shaky voice.

He assured his mother that he would cancel all his schedules after church and wait for her. Mother and son exchanged a few funny jokes and the call was over. Kwadjo Boateng’s mood changed after the call. It was a mixed feeling for him. The only thing he expected from his mother was the whereabout of his father. He went back to preparing for church. ‘wow, your outfit looks perfect on you. You are the ladies man’ Agyapong, one of his roommates complimented when he was done dressing.
Kwadjo brushed him off and left the room for church service.

Kwadjo Boateng was very handsome. He was six feet tall, chocolate in complexion. His hair was curly. He was not from a good home but knew how to present himself. His outfits were from bend down boutiques but always looked good on him. He was very aware of his great looks but made sure his looks didn’t get into his head.
During church service, he was preoccupied with the call he had with his mother and couldn’t heard a word from the preacher. He rushed out of the church room after benediction. He even forget he went with someone. ‘Kwadjo, where are you rushing to. What is the problem?’ Clara asked a little confused. ‘so strange. I even forgot I came with you.

I am awfully sorry. I have a meeting with my mother that is why I am in a hurry’

Clara’s face went pale. She tried to control her emotions. ‘you forgot you came with me just because you have a meeting with your mother?’ she said almost in tears. She left him immediately after uttering those words.
Kwadjo tried to follow her but his legs betrayed him. He turned to the direction of his hostel and walked away. One of Clara’s friends saw her walking alone and joined her. She realised the young lady was moody and asked her what the problem was. She narrated her ordeal to her friend. ‘Dorothy, you won’t believe it.

The young man told me in the face that he was haven a meeting with his mother so he forgot he went to church with me. I am very hurt’
Clara said very disappointed.

‘If I may ask. Has he proposed? Are you guys dating’ Dorothy asked her friend who was brooding over her disappointment. It took her quite a time before given her friend a negative reply. ‘like seriously, and you are behaving as if you have his ring on your finger.
Chill girl. Let the young man be. I am sure he apologised. Just forget the incident and move on.
Who knows, he might be facing some family problems. Kill your pride, look for him and find out what the problem is’
Dorothy chided her friend. She expected a rebuke but that never came. Clara realised her friend was right. She had behaved immaturely. She thanked her friend and promised to pass by her hostel when the issue was settled and left for Kwadjo Boateng’s hostel. She met his absence. His roommates told her he went out immediately he came back from church. She tried his line several times but it was off.

Kwadjo Boateng embraced his mother when she got down from a trotro. He held her hand and they walked to the school campus. He located a cool restaurant and took his mother in.

He ordered for drinks and the conversation started. ‘I am very sorry for keeping this from you for a very long time. It’s high time I made you know what your father did to me. I know it’s hard but please forgive me if I cry along the line. I know you hate to see me sad but for once, please allow me to cry when the need arises’ she paused and went into her bag. She brought out a photo of a man and handed it to Kwadjo. He took the picture with shaky hands.
Nobody told him that was his father. He looked exactly like himself. ‘God is so wonderful. You are a photo copy of your father. Now the story of my life’… It’s getting hotter.

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