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Must Read: Soul in Tears  - Season 1 - Episode 5
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‘My son, please listen with rapt attention’ Maame Adwoa paused and looked around as if expecting someone. Kwadjo Boateng sat in his seat with all his attention on his mother. ‘I was seventeen and in senior high School.

My parents were not financially stable enough to pay my fees. There was this rich man in our vicinity.

This man and his wife were busy bodies.

Their two sons were abroad and the last born was with them but because of their busy schedules, had little time for the six year old girl.

I took advantage of the situation and got myself a job in the house as the care taker of the girl.

Her name was Matilda. She was such an adorable girl. Very intelligent and interesting.

I was very fond of her. My monthly salary was able to cater for my fees, buying of books as well as given some to my dad. Life was rosy for me.

My employers appreciated my efforts and aside my fat salary, gave me new clothes, shoes and what have you. My boss came home one evening and announced that their sons were returning home for Christmas. It was good news for the Boateng family. A lot of renovation was done in the house.

A lot of gadgets which they deemed old were removed from the house. Those things were new things in my house…

She paused and took a sip of the drink she had infront of her. She smiled and continued. … [B] ‘The two young handsome men finally reunited with their family. That Christmas was fun for them and for my family as well. The two men were Kwabena Boateng and Akwasi Boateng. Kwabena Boateng was very friendly and helpful. He told me wild stories about life in abroad anytime he was less busy. One fateful day, Mr. Boateng took his family out because it was their sons last week in Ghana. Kwabena Boateng feigned sickness and was left alone in the house. We had inter houses in school that day and since I was not interested in any of the activities, went home early. I went to pick Matilda from school and took her home. Whiles I was busy helping Matilda with her school assignment, Kwabena Boateng emerged from his room.

He ordered for a glass of fruit juice and went back to his room. I quickly attended to his needs.
He locked the door when I entered the room.

I was very confused at that moment. I didn’t know what he was up to. He told me I was very pretty. I realised he wanted to have his way with me. He moved towards me. I pleaded with him but he heard non of it. He forced and had his way with me. He raped me and warned that if I dare tell anyone, I will lose my job. The pain I felt within me that day was so much to bear but because working in that house was the source of lively hood for me and my family, I kept the pain within me. A month after the two Boateng’s left for abroad, my period refused to show up.
I became frightened…

…I gathered courage and informed my mother about the incident. The option she gave was abortion. She gave that option because she knew there was no way the Boateng’s would accept the pregnancy. More also she knew it would cost me my job which would drastically affect my family financially. My father too would be another hell of a problem. I refused my mother’s option firmly but politely. She angrily told my father the whole incident and the old boy went wild on me.
I told him about the rape and he lead me to the house of the Boateng. My dad barked at the house. The Boateng’s were shocked to hear the information. They called their son on phone.
Kwabena Boateng denied having anything to do with me. [B] ‘Mom, dad, I am very disappointed in you for even calling me to ask me about this.
Why would I go so low to sleep with that filthy young girl. Please get her out of the house before she disgraces the name we have toiled hard to maintain.. Those were his words on the phone. I was stunned. I couldn’t believe those words came from the young man who took my virginity and pride… Hmmmm.

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