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Must Read: Soul in Tears  - Season 1 - Episode 6
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Maame Adwoa bowed down her head for a minute before raising it. There was no tears in her eyes. That made her son a little bit relieved. ‘I don’t get it. Why did he rejected the pregnancy if they were that dosted. Taken care of you wouldn’t have been a problem?’
Kwadjo Boateng asked with confusion written all over his face. ‘my son, money wasn’t a problem for them but he said I was filthy and from a filthy family’…. ‘and yet he slept with you. Oh gosh, that man is disgusting’ Kwadjo cut in.

‘hmmmmm, it was quite a pity on my behalf.

After the Boateng’s spoke to their son on phone. Mr Boateng told us to leave his house since his son had denied the pregnancy.

That moment, I felt lost in the world. My father warned me not step foot in his house if I wasn’t ready to disclosed to him the bastard that got me pregnant. In tears, I told him it was Kwabena Boateng. A slap landed on my cheeks. I turned to see who it was. Another one landed on my face. That was Mrs Boateng. She warned me not to drag their name to the gutters with my stupid pregnancy. Yeah! She called the pregnancy stupid. There is a proverb in Akan that says [B] ‘one person went to see, who will be his or her witness’
God was my witness.
My father stormed out of the house and the mother that I thought would defend me followed him without having pity on me. Mr Boateng went into his wallet and handed me my salary for that month and warned me not to step foot in the house again… ‘

I threw the money back at him and said to him “your son will bear the consequences of whatever I will go through from today”. I left the house in tears not knowing where to heard towards. I didn’t know what was lying in wait for me at home but I gave it a try. My father was sitting on a stool in the veranda with a very sharpened cutlass when I opened the main gate. He chased me out of the house with the cutlass when he saw me enter the compound.

I stood under an oak tree and cried my heart out.
For a moment I couldn’t think straight. I was so devastated and dejected. I went to one last place I knew I would be welcomed. My Mother’s sisters’ house. My father was already there when I got to that house. I heard him warning her not to take me into her home. I was shocked and confused at the same time. My father overreacted. Was it not a human being I was going to give birth to? I went to meet my aunt. The face she gave me told me I wasn’t welcomed into her home. She told me to leave because she didn’t want to have problems with my family. My virginity was gone, my proud was gone. My happiness was gone and my family to was gone. I was left alone with just the red and white gown I wore that day to suffer the consequences of someone’s lust. I took to the streets because that was the only place that could welcome me. Before going to the streets, I tried my head Master’s house but he refused to accommodate me. I wasn’t surprised because I knew my father went to warn them too.

The streets became my home. Feeding myself wasn’t easy. I had to sell sachet water the whole day before getting money to eat…

My reasons for objecting to my mother’s abortion option was that, some missionaries came to our school and spoke to us about the love of God. One thing they said that I would never forget was “no one was born by accident, God has a purpose for every human being that has been born. Whether you mother planned your coming or not, whether you were born out of rape or not, God knows best and has a purpose for your life” That was why I stood my ground and avoided an abortion which caused me everything that had to do with happiness.

At night, mosquitoes were our friends. They feed on us like nobody’s business but we had no options. I saved enough money which was able to cover my hospital bills when you were born.
From the hospital, I took you to the streets where I lived. With the help of some teenagers who were on the streets like me and had had experience in child birth, assisted me in bathing you. Six months after your delivery, I ran out of cash and started the water business again.

I wasn’t okay with raising you on the streets. I worked harder than usual and raised an amount which I used to rent a kiosk. Our nights got a little better in the kiosk. When you were one year old, I took you to school. You being in school gave me more time to work harder and save for your up bringing. There is a lot to be said but God being good, you are in the university today and that brings joy to my life… She concluded with a smile.
Kwadjo Boateng was in tears when his mother ended her tale. Maame Adwoa wiped her son’s tears with the back of her right hand. He was in tears because he realised his mother had sacrificed her life for him. ‘don’t cry my son, you will make me cry too… Getting hotter.

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