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Must Read: Soul in Tears  - Season 1 - Episode 7
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Kwadjo Boateng felt bad within him for pressuring his mother to tell him about his father. Anger welled up in him. His eyes were blood shot. ‘mom, so when you were raising me up on the streets, did you go back to your father’s house to see if he would forgive you’ he asked without looking at his mother.

His face was turned elsewhere. ‘I tried so many times but he never reconsidered his decision. That was when I decided to give up on my parents and focus on your education because I knew it was the only thing that will help you and I to alleviate poverty from our lives. Also, I had the desire to give you the education I lost because of what your father did to me’ She said with gladness. Her answer sent goose bumps all over Kwadjo Boateng. The young man felt the desire to study harder than before to make his mother proud someday.

‘Mom, I want to get something straight. How about the Boateng family, did you try to find out if the young man that raped you and denied had changed his mind’ the young man asked. ‘ I visited the house when you were three years old but unfortunately, there were new occupants.
The Boateng’s sold the house and vacated the area’ she cleared the worried mind of her son
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The eagerness and the desire to meet his father dissipated. Kwadjo Boateng gnashed his teeth in anger. At that moment, he wished Kwabena Boateng was right before him so could tell him a piece of his mind but that was impossible. He hoped to meet that crazy dad of his some day.

He turned to face his mother and in tears, he told his mother how appreciative he was for laying down her life for him. He promised never to fail her in the school. He hugged his mother in tears.

Maame Adwoa broke into tears on her son’s shoulders. The young man felt it was right for her to unburden her heart with the tears that she had kept for so long. Kwadjo Boateng sat her down and consoled her. She wiped her tears and smiled. The young man thanked his mother for being strong in those difficult times. ‘my son, I promise to do whatever it takes to help you graduate from this school’ Maame Adwoa promised. Both son and mother were relieved.

They had lunch at the restaurant and Kwadjo Boateng escorted his mother to the lorry park where she boarded a trotro and left her son in school. Kwadjo Boateng walked back to the school campus very angry at himself and his father for putting his mother through such hardships. He was walking and brooding over the issue when a young man of his age mentioned his name. Kwadjo Boateng stared at the young man in confusion. ‘how did you know my name?’ he asked with a frown. ‘God knew your name before you existed on this planet earth. Something terrible is about to happen to you that will be a big blow to your mother. You have to take your spiritual life serious’. The young man said to him. He turned to the opposite direction and left Kwadjo Boateng puzzled. It was his mother’s story and now something terrible was lurking in the dark for him. He shivered out of fear…

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