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Must Read: Soul in Tears  - Season 1 - Episode 9
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Kwadjo Boateng located Clara at her hostel.

Clara ran to meet him when she spotted him getting closer to the hostel. She apologized to him for her earlier misconduct.

‘don’t bother yourself about the past. Let face the future’… Awwww that is so sweet of you. Did your friend’s told you I was there?’
‘they sure did. There is something I want you to know’[/B] Kwadjo disclosed. ‘really!, hope it’s isn’t a bad news’ she asked when they located a bench and sat down.

The bench was under a nim tree which was about five hundred meters from Clara’s hostel. ‘Hmmmm’ Kwadjo exhaled loudly.

The young lady sensed there was danger. ‘I think I would have to classify it as a bad news’ Kwadjo adjusted himself on the bench. Clara frowned. She got confused. Kwadjo Boateng disclosed to her what the strange young man told him. ‘do you know who he is? Do you know his name?’ Clara was more confused than ever. ‘no. I don’t know him anywhere. He never disclosed his identity to me.
I am very confused than you are’
he said staring at the young lady sitting beside him on the bench.

The two young adults sat in silence for sometime before Clara found her voice.

‘I think you would have to avoid the pending danger by being serious with your Christian life like he suggested’

‘I don’t remember the last time I missed church service or youth meetings or other spiritual activities. So I don’t understand why he insisted I take my spiritual life serious’

Kwadjo Boateng was certain about what he said.

‘my dear, doing all those things doesn’t mean you are taken your spiritual life serious.
Maybe there is something wrong with your personal relationship with God that you need to check’

The young man did a quick scan of his life and realised the young lady was right. He couldn’t remember the last time he read his Bible or prayed alone. He disclosed to Clara that she was right. He promised to do the right thing.

Their moods changed for the better. ‘as for the issue concerning his father, he decided to keep it to himself. He felt very much better haven spoken about the pending doom. Clara on the other hand was smiling heartily but felt very disappointed within. She had become very fond of the young man and hoped the young man felt the same way but it seems to her that, the young man had no feelings for her. He only saw her as a friend.

A week after Maame Adwoa visited her son in school. She went to Yaa Mansah’s shop as usual for goods. After packing her goods into her basket, she went about selling her goods at Kantamanto. Someone called her for slippers and whiles she was serving the customer, local task force known as [B] ‘Aba eei’
meaning they are coming, whisked her basket away into a waiting van. She pleaded with them. She tried to let them understand that, that was not where she sells but her plea fell on deaf ears. She was told to go to their office. She wasn’t the only one. Lots of traders were victims of the massacre. She couldn’t sell her goods that day.
Since the massacre took place in the late afternoon, she decided to go to the office the next day. She therefore went home.

That evening, Kwadjo called and told her he needed some money to buy hand outs.

She promised to send the money. She checked the money she had on her and it was exactly what her son needed. She knew there was no way the task force would give her goods to her without paying something to them. She was torn between her son’s hand outs and her ceased goods.

She sent her son the money, remembering the promise she made to the young man. She went to the task force office the following day with nothing on her. She was told to pay something before her goods would be released to her.

She pleaded and told them she had nothing on her. They told her to pay the money or leave their office. She insisted that she had nothing on her.
One of the officers suggested that before the goods would be released to her free of charged, she must clean every washroom at the office complex. Maame Adwoa thought of her son who would need money and did what she was asked to do. It took her more than three hours before completing the job. She had tears in her eyes when the goods were released to her…

To bad I have to end here.

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