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Must Read: The Beauty Queen (A Short Story By Akposb) - Season 1 - Episode 2
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The loud piercing sound of the electronic speaker broke into her thoughts. It had been close to an hour of waiting for the auspicious moment. Edward had just left the dressing room ostensibly on his last inspection walk. She had averted her eyes even though she was sure that he wore that strange smile of his. She was wary of his smile when they first met as she could not separate it from the leering gaze she got from men. Gradually she had come to accept him as a friend. She thought about the crowd outside and suddenly she felt inadequate. She wished she would not be the winner.

‘‘All right, ladies and gentlemen,’’ the booming voice of the compere ‘’we now welcome the final contestants to the podium.’’

Ewoma took the third place among the remaining five as they got set to leave. They were welcomed into the expansive Queen Aminat hall by the rousing applause of the people who had gathered to witness the historic event.

It was the same rousing applause that followed her answers during the quiz section. She would always remember that moment as one that set her on a flight to public attention. The other contestants were equally articulate and reassuring as they answered questions. The compere was boisterous when he praised the contestants.

‘’This is a nail-biting contest. We might just be witnessing the toughest contest yet since the grand lady, Madam Tiko created this competition.’’

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