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Must Read: The Beauty Queen (A Short Story By Akposb) - Season 1 - Episode 3
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An hour after, they were standing in front of the judges hoping for that moment of providence that would win the race for them. The compere appealed for calm as he prepared to announce the new queen. He began the announcement from the fourth runner-up. When he got to the position of the first runner-up, he seemed to play into the anxiety of the crowd as he requested for a short document to be read about the Original African Lady organization. This did not go down well with the crowd who protested in return. After much protestations, he shelved the idea and appealed for calm in preparation for the penultimate announcement. Ewoma and the other contestant, Cynthia listened with anxiety in their hearts. Ewoma sank to her knees amidst shouts of joy from the crowd once Cynthia was announced as the first runner-up. She was brought to her feet some seconds after by the firm hands of the compere and her predecessor, Betty. She was crowned the winner. The crown came with a one million naira cash prize and a car. She was overwhelmed with thoughts of how much she had received by virtue of her beauty and intelligence.

She was the main attraction at the reception held after the contest. Madam Tiko showed her high taste as she chose the iconic Seagull hotel to host the event. Despite having Rita for company, Ewoma struggled to stay relaxed as she moved among the throng of men and women who graced the occasion. She was flustered after an hour of exchanging banters with the crowd of well-wishers and this made her seek exit from the gathering. Edwards met her just as she was about going into the restroom.

‘‘Congratulations, I knew you would be the winner.’’

‘’Thank you very much.’’
She smiled and shook her head in acknowledgement of his support.

‘’Just enjoy yourself and I wish you luck,’’ He said.

He left afterwards and Ewoma entered the restroom. She had always thought of the task ahead and she already knew it was going to be difficult. She had so many ideas which have assumed a tangle in her mind. She knew already that a year would not be enough to bring her ideas into fruition. She spent quite a long time in the restroom and met Rita waiting by the door on her way out.

‘’What have you been doing?’’ She queried.

‘’Why that expression on your face?’’ Ewoma asked smiling.

‘’Madam Tiko wants to see you’’ She said.

‘‘Okay, let’s go.’’

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