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He cleared his throat before he greeted the officer.

Mr Aremu lashed at him. ' Good morning. Welcome. You called me yesterday evening.'

' Yes I did ' pastor Osas replied.

' Don't call me and ask me of issues about my work. Anything you want to discuss should be done here , at the station..'

Ben's uncle tried to explain everything . He said it was about the bail .

' I know' Aremu shot back - please issues like that are discussed in the station. Our job is very sensitive'

' Sorry to hear that'

' No problem'

Ben greeted his uncle . The greeting was touched by frost bite.

They both knew the tension at stake but it was in the public and family always comes first.

' How is the leg?

' Fine sir. we would be taken to the court tomorrow'

Pastor Osas lit up with surprise .

' Why? I don't understand ... what are you doing here in this office? In fact I just went to ...'

He rambled on as mr Aremu continued to write on his paper.

His voice faded when Mr matthew walked into the office.

They both exchanged greetings.

' Look my friend, if you cause me to write rubbish on this paper. I will deal with you' Mr Aremu's voice barked at John who disturbed him.

Matthew turned to John when he sat down and disdain was written all over his face.

' Thief.. You will know my true colour today' he said to John.

Pastor Osas disclosed his intentions to The IPO.

The IPO started to advice Ben on good behaviour. He told him that a young man of his age shoudnt be involved in stealing. He said it was bad and would only tarnish his future potentials.

' I mean , all your family members are learnered and educated . I presume this is your first time stealing, isn't it?

' I'm surprised too '. Pastor Osas reaffirmed ' I was shocked when I got the news because in our family , it has never been heard that we stole. We work hard and .... Infact.. Well it has happened it , has happened'

Ben was dead silent.

After much protocol and papers signed. They released him to the custody of his uncle.

Ben thought it was all a dream , it was real as he took steps. Painful steps of limping.

One step at a time, they made it past the courtyard of the station. Nobody restrained their movement, freedom it was indeed.

When they walked almost ten minutes, Ben broke the silence.

' Thank you sir. I dont know what I would have done without your help'

' You are welcome. Its my responsiblity. If I don't do it ... Well, let's just say that the lord has been good and... if I must ask, why did you take another person's property just for revenge?

What kind of question was this man askng ? Ben thought.

It was anger. He replied ' I was angry'

Ben knew he had lied. He needed the money. Although he couldn't tell why or how , his phone got stolen the very night he was nabbed by the police.

' Then you should have left it for God'

' I was tempted ' Ben replied as he painfully dragged his leg along.

Every step was excruciating, not as painful as the past between him and the man he called his uncle.

' Take this ' pastor Osas stretched out .

They were already at the high way and and would soon path ways.

Ben hesitated but somehow, he knew the money was from his brother.

He collected it and thanked the pastor without eye contacts.

' Just manage that one abeg. Things are hard. I recently moved to a new apartment with my family and I know how much I spent... I ... Well, the lord will provide '

He brought out another sum.

- use this one to treat the leg. How did you get the wound?

' I tried to escape' Ben said ' I..'

' You tried to what? His uncle shouted.

If only he listened , Ben wanted to complete the narrative. Instead he kept mute afterwards.

Pastor Osas held unto Ben's shoulder.

' Benedict.' He paused before he continued ' I know you blame me for your parents death. I know I had a dispute with your Dad but the truth is that the fire was an accident. And I am sorry for doing unethical things to you in the past. I am changed now. Belive me, old things are past away... Well, the lord is good '

He paused and Ben wondered how a little candle engulfed a building. Someone must have had evil plans. He could forgive a former pedophile but not a murderer.

' I will try my best to make it up to you. To Ekhian, and Eddy. Family. Ben' he hit him on the shoulder ' its all we have. We need each other'

Ben stood silent and a tear broke free from his eyes. He wiped it without saying a word.

He missed his mother. She had perished in the fire and the gift for her birthday became a gift for her gravestone.

They stopped a bus and pastor boarded it . He bade farewell to Benedict.

Benedict limped to a nearby chemist to take a short of ATs. He had taken one, the night of the injury and wondered why the officers hadn't brought him back.

The girl who administered the drug to him was more curious to know why he had been arrested.

Ben laughed to his own stupidty. His leg was swollen and stunk but the pain was reduced.

' Cuff him ' an officer had said the night he was brought to the chemist.

It had been pouring down steadily. The roads were flooded and the darkness
Was enough to shield an escaape for a criminal.

' Cuff wetin' another patrol officer said .

' No be this boy we carry come that day ?' Another said.

' Yes.' The patrol officer who spoke earlier replied ' you wan to cuff him . This one fit run? Where the leg wey e go use'

'Let me see the leg' the nurse's voice brought Ben back to the present.

' It will cost you 2 thousand for evrything. '

The injection is 1,5 and the dressing of the wound is 500.

Ben hadn't enough his uncle had given him just 1900.

' Just give me the injection'

He wondered where the man who had treated him the night before had gone to.

He asked the girl when she came back with the syringe .

she told him he was off duty and would be back by 7p.m

' That explains it' ben said.


Nothing' Ben said .

He had treated him free of charge the night he came with the officers.

' How did you come about the injury'

' I was involved in a cell fight' Ben said to her.

' You might have developed a tetanus infection if you had left it untreated'

After much ado, Ben stood up and walked out as he stumbled across prying eyes and ears.

They were three girls and looked at Ben with great interest.

' What really happened to you '
The nurse called from behind.

' I mean why and how did you get into a police cell?

Ben paused in his tracks. He turned and held unto the entrance protector.

' Trust me. You don't want to know my story'.

As he said the words , Benedicta's face flashed into his eyes. He thought about all the phones he had stolen in the past, he even kept all the sim cards.

It was Benedicta's birthday in 24 hours and fate had given him the opportunity to do one thing right- be alive and healthy for his girlfriend and everyone he cared about.

' Well since you wish to know' Ben said ' I will tell you'

He moved few inches towards her when a power bike revved across the streets. It came like a thunder striking through the air ways.

Before Ben could turn to behold the scene, the nurse foolishly dived and scampered for cover .
She fell down backwards . Blood took away her white dress' virginity. The syringe she had stabbed into Ben's left arm lay bare on the cold tiles.

Voices in Ben's head and from screams, faded sooner than they came. He raised his head from the floor and looked upon the lifeless body beside him.

' What have I done? The answers were haunting him as they failed to come.

He tried to grab her up and check for pulse but then a pain shot up his right arm.
Blood stained his polo . He realised he had been shot too, a few inches glazed up the arm. The bullet had not penetrated.

What have I done? This is not how it was suppsed to be' he kept on fighting his inner guts.

People gathered and with heavy eyes and bleeding hearts , prayed for the young lady to hold on to life. Help did not come any faster than a snail.

He used the crowd as a cover and disappeared with pains allover his body.

They wanted him dead. To him, his life was by choice, not by chance.

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