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Added: Nov 12, 2017
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My Adventure With My Street Chicks - Season 1 - Episode 11
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“Peter………..” Vivian called out silently. I just looked up at her but didn’t answr her. “Are u mad at us, I mean ar u angry at us me especially”? See me see this gal oo, do I tell her that I was angry? “Nope” I said casuallay, she still didn’t believe me, she became moody and started sniffing whether she wants to cry or what is her business sha.

The class came to an end, I left them in the chair and went out to get myself what to eat, they were all shocked as I didn’t even call them, they all came out and meet me in the canteen, I just collected the food and was about starting to eat when I saw four extra spoons from north, south, east and west in my food, they all join in the food, non of them talk to me, when it was getting finished, Lucy went and bought another plate, when she brought it I refused to eat, it was then they all began to apologized, Lucy started the apology “Am sorry baby, if I have wronged you or we have wronged you pls” they all took turns to do it with Vivian bein the last one. She came close to me and said “Baby pls, I know u ar angry at my reaction but pls 4give me, it won’t happen again, and I promise we will all ‘make it upto you’”. At the statement ‘make it upto you’ my c–k stretched wap!! Signals began to flow, did I just heard make it upto me? But do they really know why am angry? I believe u guys know na?

I smiled and told them it was ok, they all started shouting and laughing, I received wonderful kisses, believe me why I accepted there is because I want them to pay for all the food we ate, as they all took turns to buy food, we ate and drank minerals. They paid for all as expected and we went back to the class, as I went straight to the chair, in no time another lady came and sat down next to me making it difficult for d five of us to sit together, her perfume was overwelming. She was beaming with smiles, ‘my gals hav not come in yet I left them by the door as they were greeting their colleagues 4rm their former school. “Hello handsom and bright, how ar u doing”? She spoke with an accent of an Americana, she was a damsel from hell, don’t get it twisted, she can make u reject heaven for her sake, she has the power to transform a reasonable man to mumu and maga, she can do and undo anything, she pat my back as she asked those questions. “Am fine cutie, and how ar u doing too”? I asked her back, she confirmed doing good. She asked of my name which I told her, and she told me her name is Jennifer, that she has been observing me since mawning and it seems I will be very brilliant, I told her it depends on what she thinks about me, she laughed. I told her I don’t seems to be that brilliant as people thought but I can just do a bit, she den asked a question of the century. “Are u dating any of or all of those ladies”? I smile and told her NO she didn’t believe because to her the way there followed me anywhere I went to. “They are just fun of me” was all I could say. “So it means…… in, it me….an…..s if anybody want to date u is free abi”? She asked. “Hahahahahahaha, yes na, provided I like the person, why not”? “So who is ur ideal girl? What will she look like”?

She asked me again. It getting interesting sha. “Something natural and simple” I told her. “Which means am not abi”? She asked again…

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