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Added: Nov 14, 2017
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My Adventure With My Street Chicks - Season 1 - Episode 26
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I dressed up and left for their house. On my way two thought kept ringing, one was to buy Viagra tablet or buy gin to boast my performance, the other was to just go and do it with my God-giving talent, who knows if I can even handle them!!

I left home around 5 something and got to their house in 20minutes time. I met both of them in wrapper seem those girls are planning something for me, I went with 6pieces of condom (six-rounds) I don’t even know whether I can go that length, anyway only time can tell. They brought food and we started eating, I told them am not eating much till after the ‘action’, I ate a bit food and we went for action.

After eating, Amaka came to me and said, “Peter peter, you are handsome than I had thought” and I replied her, “And you are sexier that ma imagination, both of you” they smiled and before I knew it, Chikezie started a kiss, I responded sharperly, we all went to their bed, I will kiss this one and kiss the other as both of them were craving for a kiss. They removed my cloth and I removed theirs, I used one hand on one person’s b0s0m and the other hand on the other person’s b0s0m, the smooching was s£nsat!onal as they were both reacting like fire.

I started sU-Cking Amaka’s p—y as Chikezie was giving me a gud blow-job, I did the sU-Cking and was done the blow-job as Amaka was just m0an!ng like pipiro.

My tongue can make a lady leaves her guy, I s—-d every thing sU-Ckable from Amaka’s p—y, Chikezie was also doing a very good job under. I turned Amaka over, removed my c–k, wear a condom as I asked her to sU-Ck Chikezie while I f–k her. Amaka started sU-Cking Chikezie as I ride her p—y, I was so amazed with my expertise in transcoding the s£nsat!on, this kind of s-x is to just hit the rit spot at the right time. I rocked Amakas p—y as she was also giving Chi a nice time. Before I knew it, I heard pooop, I knew Amaka has c-m, I removed the CD wear another one and started banging Chi as she started sU-Cking Amaka too.

I have never done tripple b4, this is my first time I know it won’t be that easy, I [email protected] Chi 4 about 45minutes, this beb didn’t come I change position however the m0an was constant, she still didn’t c-m, before I knew it I had c-m, my d–k went flaxiled. Who want to carry last they start mouth-work again(blow-job) after sometimes my little man came on board, inserted another condom and I started again with Chi, I went on the Legs-up style, this position is sometimes thrill, I didn’t even reach upto 10minutes b4 Chi came all over me, I want to make sure they get tired as I brushed them.

After Chi came, I removed the condom, since during second round I can go 4 upto an hour 30minutes without slacking, I turned to Amaka and started with new condom, with the style, ur guy no one slack, however I added a new system to her as I raised her two foot placed it on my chest with her femur on her chest, p—y was very red and shinny, I [email protected] as Amaka wasn’t only m0an!ng but crying, I held her with the help of Chi, it was even Chi that was making the m0an!ng. I was just imagining, I was banging Amaka who is crying but Chi was the one m0an!ng, mystery rit?.

As I t—-t harder and deeper, Amaka pushed me away as she ran towards the toilet, immediately Chi came on board, opened her legs, I changed the condom and began banging her. She was like “wow…..uuuuhhh…..aaaahhh…..sssshhhhhh…” I kept banging without looking back, I didn’t even know Amaka has came back and was blowing her p—y. Me and Chikezie came the same time. Two condoms left. I lay down a bit tired but I can still go another adventure.
Chikezie came over and started blow-job again, I was m0an!ng this time, this girl is devilish, Amaka was just watching as she blow her stuff. My man came up again and we resumed as I placed her on the Reverse-cowgal position, she rocked me so hard and I responded so well, we rocked until she was tired and asked to take a break. Amaka came on board but strictly warned me not to go on Legs-up. I placed her on missionary(she no know that even worst) I rocked her kiti-cat as she was kissing me as if her life depended on it, I [email protected] her furiously as she was smouching, cry-laughing and m0an!ng. Before I knew it she held me so tight and her hands fell with her legs…

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